population of this instance: antifa retards, tech dudes screaming about linux, homestuck fandom kids, furries, zoomer kids with their shit ass "haha sex comedy" and fringe artists.

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@faux oh. just listened to your track eternal lonesome on bc. i can't say i've ever listened to black metal before, so i don't really know enough to appreciate it. but i like the atmosphere you created, the rain, the noise, clicks, and the guitar, of course.

@nemo for the people that actually use it. im not gonna learn command line just to fucken play cs.

@faux ubuntu is nearly usable without shell/command line and you can even play games with steam and all the other stuff

In future even windows will use scripting cause of the power shell but do what thou will 😜 👍

@faux @nemo Linux user here, learning the terminal is not necessary anymore, just simpler and more direct.
You can get anything via GUI and most cs games are playable in linux through steam.

@faux all Linux users are either extremely paranoid or have a superiority complex

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