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roomates left the house, time to blast black metal on my shitty sterio i found in the garbage a few blocks down.

fuck these kids thinking they are funny by making their name some stupid ass character. BROOOO HAHAH BROOO IM GARFIELF DOOD. fuck you.

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I'ts Satan's wish for humanity to advance both spiritually and technologically. Be the best that you can be and invest your talents and skills into making the world a better place.

whats with all the super anti establishment people on this site? antifa and shit? weirds me out. politics can fuck off for all i care but damn its funny to read some dude screaming about how the world is out to get them.

got a bunch of my old art from a instagram data dump. gonna start posting it.

on jan 24, Sewerslvt released a record, part ambient, part drum and bass that really captures the isolation and (presumed, based on the artist social posts) depression. a great late night listen for those feeling lonely. Sewerslvt - Draining Love Story

check it out.

i feel like people putting pronouns in their bio are making a political statement rather than a personal one.

@derpyeagle an actually interesting poster, thanks man. good content™

actually really cool that you can look at the entire instances posts, the feeling of a small community is really nice.

new york's Machine Girl released their debut LP back in 2014, and ive still been listening to it. its extreme synths and horror movie audio clips give it a more interesting flavor over your run of the mill jungle type LP. Machine Girl - WLFGIRL

check it out.

i got a job at a bar recently. occastional free beer, talking to people who know alot about music and the pay is sick. fuck cleaning bathrooms though, drunk dudes cant cock aim.

Sodom, from Gelsenkirchen, Germany, dropped an EP that became a big influence to first wave black metal. Punky drums and tourtured lyrics keep this release entertaining for years to come.
Sodom - In the Sign of Evil

check it out.

One of the best albums to come out of Sacramento. Death Grips - The Money Store

check it out.

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