@CaptBobbers I have "The Churn" on my Bookshop Wishlist but haven't gotten it or any of the others yet.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are a musical cheat code. Just insane

Anyone here ? Whats in your bag? Whatcha throwin?

@CaptBobbers I've read most of them, but i tend to take breaks when reading a series. Gotta restart Nemesis Games when i get back into it!

@CaptBobbers oh man i just watched that trailer! Holy FUCK I need this shit right NOW LETS GO. I havent finished season 5 or 6 yet but I'm right there with you on favorites. When Amos delivered the "I'm that guy" GIMME A BREAK

@CaptBobbers why not both? Camina was my favorite character and i am beyond excited about a prequel


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