I never know if im doing vrisrezi *right* but this exchange tickles me none the less

This is great because I can just take shit i said in my last semester writings AND find an appropriate way to say "Art can and will be an undefinable piss pot from time to time"

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Had an le epic brainblast when I realized I could do my informative speech assignment on dadaism and make a bunch of non-AH students look at Duchamps toilet

I just keep thinking about how adding vrisrezi was single handely the best idea I have ever had for this series

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joth rose can only be improved upon with furry tendencies

@floralmarsupial me last night after realizing how I was gonna reincorporate snakepiss boy

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looking at a “Caliborn” trigger tag is so powerful. It’s for everything. Trying to name one thing in comparison? Can’t even grasp the full scope of fuck shit and it’ll take all day

@floralmarsupial breath and space are such a spicy combo of duty vs freedom, potential vs stagnation
Also endless opportunity for June to surprise kan and kan HATING IT

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I keep thinking about Junekan and how Kanaya deserves to have a kismesis

when spotify hits one of the mountain goats songs you've sprinkled into nook and cranny of your library....sublime

read up on surrealism for my paper and this is what hits

*presses play on emo playlist* can’t wait to hear how to never stop being sad

Considered for a second I might be a heart aspect and the passing of that thought was like if my brain was in labor

heyo I just went through my follow list, again if I removed you it's only because 1. I may not know you well 2. I do know you but you're a minor and I'd rather keep this 18+ no hard feelings just thought since I'm very accessible on twitter this would be a good place to have a lil more control and privacy

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Ok I do not know how to accept follow requests on mobile but wanna let people know if I don’t accept it’s nothing personal. I’m trying to keep this account to people I know already.

I've never seen this image before but it's outrageously funny

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I knew someone was going to write about Banksy when talking about Post-Modernism but it's still depressing to see.

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