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Europe’s Move Against Google Analytics Is Just the Beginning - WIRED

It turns out that, in order for a to detect a new using , both devices must be connected using the same SSID.

Maybe this can save someone the 2 hours I wasted with my printer on a 2.4GHz SSID and my Mac on a 5GHz SSID on the same router...

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My return to is getting closer. I've built the site, got the domain and hosting sorted, now I just need to write some actual content. I'll go live once I've written an initial post.

Currently pondering:

Why would anyone have salad, if they could, you know, not have salad?

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"Why are the Tories pulled to the right by fringe parties, but Labour are pulled to the centre?"

That's easy. The extreme left is about collectivism, the extreme right is about individualism. Humans are essentially selfish. QED.

Not awake yet...

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Recently I thought, what would I like to do with my life if I didn't work in IT?

The answer came quite easily:
1. Train driver
2. Animal rescue and care

(not both at once because that would be potentially dangerous...)

Then I realised that this answer has always been buried in my mind, since way before I finished school, so how the hell did I end up working in IT?

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Today is an interesting anniversary (for me): it marks 16 years since I emigrated from the UK in search of new horizons. At that point I only went as far as Malta, thus staying in the EU. I had no idea that 13 years later I'd be moving again, this time to Southeast Asia.

I read this, and found it reasonably fun.

Then I started the second book in the series, and found that I became bored very quickly, so decided to stop. Just more of the same, nothing surprising or compelling.

Seems to be one of those books where the premise can't really sustain a whole series.

TL;DR: has parallels to Harry Potter but is not as good.

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RT @Techcrunch
In bad news for US cloud services, Austrian website's use of Google Analytics found to breach GDPR by @riptari

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