Our plumbing whisperer came over today to diagnose a fault in the pressure pump part of our property's water supply system.

Turns out there was a feedback loop due to a faulty one-way valve, causing the pump to endlessly resupply itself via the main tank.

It was like too many redirects but with water.

Finally had a late birthday meal at a local restaurant, after they opened up again following a few weeks lockdown.

We had the striploin, which was very nice, but to be honest the texture of the meat was so fine that it lacked... interest. And flavour. It was... bland.

I think I prefer a good South American tenderloin.

She's not wrong. Charging times are too long and ranges are too short.

When there's a charger in *every* filling station and charging from 10% to 100% takes 5 minutes (the time needed to drink a soda and relieve the bladder), then I might consider an EV, but only if its range is 500km+.

Until then, no thanks.


Another 12 hour power outage while the power company replaces poles and does other maintenance.

Luckily this thing can run my fibre router, Synology server and a big floor standing fan for most of those 12 hours.

One of the best $150 I've spent since moving to the Philippines.

Did you hear about the couple who were invited to a gender-reveal party, and after arriving they stripped naked in the middle of the room and shouted "Who's next?"

Rules for being a human #934:

If it starts raining, you have to say "it's raining".

I am now the proud owner of a medical certificate that says (allegedly - I can't read my doctor's writing) that I have a co-morbidity (cerebrovascular) that makes me a priority for the Covid vaccine, and furthermore that I should only accept either Pfizer or Moderna.

Now of course I have to wait until Pfizer or Moderna actually make it to my province. All we've had so far is Sinovac and Janssen.

Apparently is unhappy with negative portrayals in the media, to the point where brainwashed citizens are harassing western journalists.

Have they heard of the Streisand Effect I wonder?


Duterte's 2021 State of the Nation address: the senile ramblings of a narcissistic and ineffectual fool who has done untold damage to the Philippines both domestically and internationally.


I love English.
Vital signs are vital,
but essential oils are not.

I think I may have finally removed myself (as in, references that include my real name) from Google, Bing and all search engines that use them, as well as all social networks.
The only online reference to me that remains is a single search engine result that links to my own domain name, which runs a single blank page website with some basic analytics.
It took some doing, but I am finally no longer publicly online (unless you count this alias of course).

Happy , Little Englanders...

Freedom from... being alive, presumably.

"Elect a clown, expect a circus"

Wait, I know this one!
It's Brazil.
No? Philippines then.
No? Must be the UK.
No, hang on, it's India.

Oh wait... it's all of them.

Essential oils.

They're not really essential, are they?

At least, I've managed without them so far.

LOL at all the whinging Brits trying to get to/from France.
Just stay the fuck home until the whole situation has stabilised. You won't die if you don't get a foreign holiday for another year.
Privileged wankers.

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