Pfizer No.2 tomorrow (4 weeks after No.1). A few hours of queueing and tedium but it's worth it.

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That Elon Musk, what a legend!

Asshole. I meant asshole.

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Couldn't have said it better.

Facebook, its founder, top executives and board are EVIL. Why are people still using such an evil company?

Today my asawa is going to an ex-pat wedding - which will include the same group of ex-pats (i.e. immigrants but they don't like to call themselves that) I had the displeasure of meeting a while back.

I can think of nothing worse than small talk with a bunch of privileged racists, so I declined.

The couple are also way beyond May-December (60+ yank and 24yo Filipina), which basically makes it a marriage of convenience and is also massively creepy.

It's pretty clear that rich countries see denying poor countries vaccines as an opportunity to reduce the population of the third world, which would in turn reduce their aid budgets and reduce the numbers of refugees heading to the first world.

"It's OK to be not OK"

Well I'm definitely not OK.

But I don't think that's OK.

I'd go so far as to say it's a crock of shit.

Just what the Philippines needs... a bigoted and homophobic religious extremist, who has achieved precisely nothing as a senator.

And now we've discovered more problems with their work quality.

Couple that with the insolent attitude of the foreman, and they're out.

We'll find a replacement for the few remaining tasks on the house extension.

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Fucking builders.

"We only want the dirty kitchen primed and painted. No skim coat or finishing. We're running out of time and money."

2 days later: the dirty kitchen is midway through being skim coated.

"It will look better, sir."


That's 2 days docked pay for the crew.


It's really funny how, in the media, Leylah Fernandez was "Fil-Canadian" when she had a chance of winning the US Open, but plain old "Canadian" after she lost.

(Note: she's Canadian. Her mother was Fil-Canadian but Leylah was born in Canada)

Just read this in one (long) sitting. It looks like it might be chicklit but it's not.
Themes: PTSD, child abuse, recovery, friendship. A rewarding read.

It's an eternal mystery:
How could the author write something as superlative as and something as mind-bogglingly awful as ?
I guess we'll never know.

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Learned that #hover doesn't support TXT records >255 chars, even with splitting. Can anyone recommend a good domain registrar, not US-owned, with free whois privacy & a good control panel?

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