I have a raspberry pi used to sync all my #orgmode files (see post at: helpdeskheadesk.net/help-desk-) So I don't touch it much.

I let it run, download system updates (Debian Buster) once a month or so, restart, and go on with my life.

Today I'm realizing my org files haven't synced well for a couple of days... turns out, it runs Syncthing from *2017*!!!

#Debian has repos that are a bit out dated... but THIS outdated? I added Syncthing's PPA to all of my machines *besides* my Syncthing-dedicated hub... 🤦‍♂️ 😂

Now sorting through all the sync conflicts my 3 computers and Android are spitting at each other... fun.

By the way, pro-tip if you're using Syncthing to sync your org files (which is an excellent thing to do, if you ask me, my org files are too personal for GitHub or what not)

Use Synchting file's versioning. You can get backups of your org files this way for all kinds of "oopsies" like the one I just had.

Not a backup solution of course, but good stuff!

#orgmode #syncthing #sync

I'm totally ranting on and on at this point, but where else can I do it if not here...

#syncthing is an excellent solution combined with something cheap, stable and always-on solution like a Raspberry Pi.

You can attach huge storage if you want, have it encrypted, and have all kinds of advanced features you won't get on things like #dropbox or #google drive or what not. Better for the price, that's for sure.

Syncthing is really excellent. I have it syncing files from my main laptop to a Synology NAS and also a Digital Ocean droplet. Completely rock solid and trouble-free.
When replacing a laptop I just sync the new one and it brings all my files from the old one.

@fossil how do you like syncthing on the synology? I have one with syncthing as well (it's a third-party fork of syncthing I think?) but I prefer to use my RP.

I like the idea of a dedicated org-mode hub, and importantly, I have scripts that automate some of my org templates every week which will not work well on the synology.


I love it, though I use it very simply. I installed from the community installer that Synology provide in their web interface, and I sync all my important laptop folders.
I like that I can sync multiple folders without having to put them all in 1 specific folder. NextCloud can't do that.
I also keep a separate 2-way sync folder between laptop and phone - saves using Airdroid.

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