Another 12 hour power outage while the power company replaces poles and does other maintenance.

Luckily this thing can run my fibre router, Synology server and a big floor standing fan for most of those 12 hours.

One of the best $150 I've spent since moving to the Philippines.


Yep. I think it's 80Ah.

Vital in a country where the power grid is built out of second hand Chinese cast-offs.

@fossil I've been looking at getting one too. We also live in a cyclone-prone area where power cuts are frequent. I want a 240V version of this The model they sell here is tiny in comparison. It's from the same outfit that made my line trimmer and the batteries are interchangeable.


That's not going to power you for long. 20Ah (4 x 5Ah batteries) isn't much.

@fossil I guess it depends on the situation. The longest we've been without power is 18 days. That's generator territory.

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