It's really funny how, in the media, Leylah Fernandez was "Fil-Canadian" when she had a chance of winning the US Open, but plain old "Canadian" after she lost.

(Note: she's Canadian. Her mother was Fil-Canadian but Leylah was born in Canada)

In the , we are now in the "ber" months (SeptemBER etc).

This apparently means it's nearly Christmas.

Unfortunately the promise of an imminent first dose seems to have evaporated. Just not enough Pfizer and Moderna to go round in the , and what's available is often dished out privately by public sector workers to wealthy ex-pats in exchange for brown envelopes.

I think I need to buy a brown envelope.

I am now the proud owner of a medical certificate that says (allegedly - I can't read my doctor's writing) that I have a co-morbidity (cerebrovascular) that makes me a priority for the Covid vaccine, and furthermore that I should only accept either Pfizer or Moderna.

Now of course I have to wait until Pfizer or Moderna actually make it to my province. All we've had so far is Sinovac and Janssen.

Duterte's 2021 State of the Nation address: the senile ramblings of a narcissistic and ineffectual fool who has done untold damage to the Philippines both domestically and internationally.

Yesterday was day in the , marked by widespread protests against China's annexation of Philippine territory in the West Philippine Sea.

Thought: if Xi Jinping is Winnie the Pooh, and Duterte is China's puppet (which he clearly is), does that make him Piglet?

Exploring another rural land purchase... 3000sqm more or less. Should be a great medium-term investment provided all the paperwork checks come back clear.

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