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It's become increasingly clear that and are the enemies of the civilised world.

Russia weakens countries by hacking their IT infrastructure, and China either occupies foreign territory or buys entire nations with loans.

Isn't it time to fight back?

Where are the western ransomware teams encrypting the Kremlin's systems?

Why don't more countries grow some balls and treat Taiwan as the country it is?

The level of appeasement and cowardice on display is disgusting.

You know you need Gatorade when you can't open the bottle of Gatorade.

Remember, winning isn't important.

If you're in a group of people and you're being chased by a bear, you just have to be the second slowest.

Our smallish dog (whom I love more than life) was standing fiercely at the gate, barking territorially at a much bigger dog who was walking past.

Then there was a rumble of thunder.

Within 3 seconds our ferocious dog was back on the porch, scrambling to get onto my lap, looking like he'd just seen the ghost of Michael Jackson.

We're all afraid of something.

Slightly gross illness 

Better half is currently in the city getting me some antibiotics, following an episode of food poisoning so severe that, apparently, my mouth wasn't big enough for all the vomit to exit with the speed it was being propelled, so it came out of my nose as well.
That's the first time that's ever happened, and I really, really hope it's the last.
If you frequent Gerry's Lechon Haus in Dumaguete City, Philippines, I'd advise thinking twice before doing so again.

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Just realised I can never buy HP sauce because of my past printer traumas.

We were just given a small fish - with a small fishtank - as a joint birthday present from a new, still very casual, friend.
If this person knew us better they'd know that we view keeping fish in small tanks as cruel, just like keeping a bird in a cage.
Fuck knows what we do with it now...

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Have you ever heard of the game called "The Bible Challenge"?

All players get their own Bible copy, then each of them opens the book on a random page and does exactly what it says.

The last one in jail is the winner.

A fraud, a liar, an adulterer and a clown walk into a bar.
The barman says "good evening, prime minister".

I'm not quite certain how we reached a point where our dog craves Gruyere cheese, wild boar terrine and farm-fresh goats milk, but here we are.

*supplier of services sends me a birthday email*
Most people: Hey, that's cool!
Me: Fuck, that's creepy.

So was probably offed, but I can't actually find any fucks to give. 2021 has left me all out of fucks.

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One of the worst aspects of capitalism is that it completely eradicates any meaningful diversity and culture. Everything becomes homogenized, bland and monotonous in order to create safe profits. Meanwhile, any activities that can't be monetized become discouraged.

So assumes and accepts that people will get raped and otherwise assaulted while using its properties, and actually has a team to handle payouts.
If you've ever used AirBnB, why?

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Was intending to enjoy an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet at a local resort this weekend - then learned that you have to pay the full amount in advance "because we've had problems with no-shows".

Every restaurant has problems with no-shows. It's part of doing business. Get over yourselves.

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