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The UK's minister thinks the world needs the UK and EU to work together.

I have news for you Mr Frost: the world doesn't care about Britain, because Britain isn't important. Not to the EU, not to the world.

It's just an insignificant corrupt plutocracy with delusions of grandeur.

's latest forays into user surveillance means that Apple and are now like 's and parties.

Both are awful and a disaster for Malta, but there's literally no-one else to vote for.

I think had a parable about it, but I forget how it went.

In the , we are now in the "ber" months (SeptemBER etc).

This apparently means it's nearly Christmas.

We are "living in a world so deranged that people would rather poison themselves with worm medicine meant for farm animals than take a vaccine meant for human beings"

Saying I'm INTJ has about as much value as saying I'm Sagittarius.

Change my mind.

self driving bus mows down paralympian.

(paraphrasing) "the bus thought the person would stop crossing the street"


Self driving vehicles should not be a thing.

Evangelical religion and dismissal of science 

"Even scientific theory is dismissed out of hand by the church because of a fear that somehow science will prove that God does not exist. As the pandemic spreads from one church to another and global warming continues to be ignored by the evangelical movement, it is clear that practitioners of the current Christian faith have not evolved from their ancestors who condemned Galileo and Darwin."

24 hours later: achy shoulder which is now fading, and feeling quite tired and sleepy. Otherwise totally fine.

Get jabbed, people.

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This is going to be an interesting experiment.

1. I'm tired of surveillance technology.
2. I don't need or want to be online 24/7.
3. I've already taken email+calendar off my anrdroid phone, and my car has GPS, so all I'm using the phone for is call/sms & reading ebooks. No google account.
4. Linux phones aren't ready.

Next step: move my SIM to this rather snazzy feature phone I've bought and use my smartphone as a wifi ereader only.

@be @marie_joseph which just shows how destructive it is for any market to let any one player (never mind a ruthlessly incompetent one) have a broad monopoly. They can achieve a $trillion market cap while still being unable to write a single piece of software that wouldn't make a credible engineer sick in their mouth.

Finally a little good news.

Pfizer No.1 is now in the body working its magic. I'm expecting faster mobile data any time now.

No.2 is promised for 21 days time.

The hardest thing about getting an extension built on your house?

Being awake enough to answer the builder's questions coherently at 8am before your first coffee.

Unfortunately the promise of an imminent first dose seems to have evaporated. Just not enough Pfizer and Moderna to go round in the , and what's available is often dished out privately by public sector workers to wealthy ex-pats in exchange for brown envelopes.

I think I need to buy a brown envelope.

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