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The camp registration deadline is extended to 5 November 2021. Please visit to register.

We had a wonderful session from
today on 'Journey with Open Source'.
Extremely happy to hear the story and gain insights on
and from the creator itself :)

[Oct 10, 2020]

It's not always the code. A good part of building relations in communities/self is good communication!
A big thanks to @1nuritzi for taking the time from her busy schedule for this awesome session.
We really had a good time and especially the Q&A 🎉

[Oct 14, 2020]

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@sonnie sharing his #Outreachy experience with work with #debian

My internships with the Debian js-team has been so eventful and gracefully intense that hardly did I realize 13 weeks are already gone :) . This, of course does not in any way breach the intensity of my involvement with Debian, but rather means I could now take up more general packaging tasks than just those specific to my Internship projects.

@akshay and me mentored this project. #FreeSoftware

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