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I prefer to use "neoliberal" instead of "liberal" to criticize , because in common discourse, "liberal" is generally associated with those who propose a more socially permissive society (e.g. gay rights). "Liberal" is only used to mean the economic stance in very limited cases, even amongst those who propose policies such as progressive taxation and/or other anti-capitalist measures. I generally prefer to use this to avoid confusion on everyone's part, including mine.

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Women, at least in some circles and some cases these days, can be appreciated for both their beauty and their skill if they want it.

Men can only be appreciated for their skill if they want it, but almost never for their beauty.

Men have brought this mediocrity unto themselves through their repression.

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I'm gonna post and be on mastodon less because I just feel stressed being here. I love its strong leftist energy, the same as or better than what Tumblr has but I can't fight the system when I have my own demons and hurdles to deal with.

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As someone who is a person of color, for whom race is not much of a concern for them compared to gender, capitalism and their relationship with religion, should I refrain from talking about race?

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Theories promoted by evolutionary psychology and civilization are arguably the major causes of . There could be more or different reasons but I cannot be sure on this.

Give hell to anyone associated with or sympathetic to kiwifarms fascist scum.

I'm angry that these all tend to be targeted towards a US-only audience, when they forced themselves to being the world police and the world distributor of goods and services.

The has few, if any, qualms with and has people who incorrectly consider a "US issue".

If you live in the , please sign and take other relevant action. These petitions don't really work outside the US.

Happy . The nation that started it no longer celebrates it properly and uses it as an excuse to paint women as eternal servants to men.

"Why are young people following astrology?"

Taking the argument that humans are naturally religious to its conclusion, the solution is almost simple (at least according to a tweet I read earlier) - astrology is not traditionally loaded with the and of more established faiths.

It's best for society if racists were dead, ourselves included. If we want to live, we must actively fight against our own racial biases for the good of humanity.

A large portion of our problems would be gone through eliminating and , which have mutually fed each other since empires rose to power, likely from time immemorial.

Cops Are Using Copyrighted Music to Block Videos From Being Posted
and the police work hand in hand.

Fuck . We don't need any more children living through a hateful, suffocating world!

justice, liberation and religious plurality are not just issues. Racial justice, queer liberation and religious plurality are not just issues. Racial justice, queer liberation and religious plurality are issues. Stop bootlicking any fascist regime that says otherwise.

Besides , why do a lot of titles look like that of Rupert Murdoch-owned newspapers?

"Growth" in the business context simply means "how well and soon can we become an effective monopoly?"

Moderate leftists and centrists respect freedom for all, but lack the teeth to even ensure it exists and remains (e.g the Democrats and most other parties considered left wing).

Leftists need to be more radical or else they will look like a joke across all platforms and a perversion in many areas of life.

If you ever acquire and need , which is possible in large part due to extremely exploitative labor, or in some cases, slavery, use it for purposes so those behind the technology and coerced labor do not get the return of investment they expect, ideally, any at all.

Leftists need to stop giving the state and statists as well as capitalists any credit.

Oversimplifying here, but I'm getting sick of those who think babies should be protected only in the womb and are given almost no help once out. They simply want to control women.

If you don't want an unborn fetus murdered, go after the man for introducing what makes a woman pregnant in the first place!

Anyone with a dick MUST pull out if their partner with a vagina does not consent to being pregnant. If they do, I will have to leave it to someone with a vagina to decide on this matter.

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If you don't want to occur, cut men's dicks and balls off. They can almost *will* the release of half of what makes a baby. Women can only predict when their half of what creates a baby will come, but that can't be relied on.

I believe my observation here in western and parts of central is that racism is worse for NBPoC than their counterparts in the particularly, due to the diminished influence of institutional ️Christianity on this side of the pond. Plus, while American nationalism is still a prominent and dangerous force, Europe's nationalism seems more tangible to me in a particular way. After all, America was invented as a solution to a British political problem.

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To deny the that is built upon would be dangerous and I'm not here to do that. I want to pay though that I've noticed, at least for NBPoC in the US, they're treated better if they're (conservative) Christian than otherwise in most other places worldwide, but I could be wrong. If you're a ️Muslim or atheist though, you're treated like a disease, more so if you're not white.

You are NOT oppressed if you support any nation state. Period. The nation state will use faith and its understanding of science to further ONLY itself, its benefactors and beneficiaries (companies and other masters).

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