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Please reply with recommended precautions to take when Ohio invades the rest of the states.

i have reached friday, but at what cost?

you ever just be a complete asshole on the internet and then make a new account to not be like that

you ever just bite your lips a shitton then regret it

"surprise" distance learning is the best kind of surprise

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saying "hello" or "how are you doing":
- cumbersome
- outdated
- overly personal
- too many letters and syllables to handle
- only works if you speak the same language

+ short, consise, minimalist, and to the point
+ respects others' privacy
+ modern and forward thinking
+ universally recognizable in most languages
+ has potential comedic value

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my life is boring yet entertaining at the same time

i hate my foreign literature teacher so much

why are you like this, battery: 20% in 10 minutes. i love old phones and having to use them as a daily

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