do you ever just spend an hour writing your config and it breaks literally everything

my local parts retailer has three gpus in stock wtf

anyone wanna bet how long it takes my classmate to get cucked by the cops for driving his parent's car at like 13/14 years old

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rest in peace lexi

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Please reply with recommended precautions to take when Ohio invades the rest of the states.

i have reached friday, but at what cost?

you ever just be a complete asshole on the internet and then make a new account to not be like that

you ever just bite your lips a shitton then regret it

"surprise" distance learning is the best kind of surprise

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saying "hello" or "how are you doing":
- cumbersome
- outdated
- overly personal
- too many letters and syllables to handle
- only works if you speak the same language

+ short, consise, minimalist, and to the point
+ respects others' privacy
+ modern and forward thinking
+ universally recognizable in most languages
+ has potential comedic value

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