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Never in my life did I imagine to be so excited over a new vacuum 🥳

I’ve never had an MRI before. Hopefully it goes quickly.

// by kidmograph

I am donut.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely Friday!


Reading Food Labels 

“Made with colors from real sources”


Someone very beautiful had shared this with me. So now, I'm sharing it with you...

🎵 Lifelike - So Electric

Featuring scenes from Xanadu (1980) with Olivia Newton John, and Gene Kelly on friggin roller skates in his final film!


Inhale through the nose...
Shoulders back,
And gently down
Now exhale...


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Let's get a thing going today! I'd like to support some musicians, artists, and other folks who make and sell things online.

Maybe with the hashtag #IMadeThese ?

So what do you make? Where can I buy it?

I did some walking and reflecting the other day. Made my way down the train tracks...

// by me

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