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Amongst a group of (distanced) people and hearing everyone talk to each other and yet no one is discussing the same thing.

I had a 24’ ladder drop on me, which obviously felt great. How’s your day going?

Random / time-travel? 


Did I torture wall clocks in a past life?

Is this why my internal clock is always off?

Is it angry bc I still wear my mostly-dead/what's-left of my first Swatch Watch??


I wonder what that wall clock is thinking. It's the first thing I notice when I wake up...

But I don't know y'all, clocks are weird. I still wear at least two 24/7 until somethings breaks and that's when I get crafty.

Perhaps this wall clock just wants to have crafty time too.

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Random / time-travel? 


The clock managed to show me, for the first time in months, right now, as I type this, the actual correct time.

It's like glancing over at a TV and seeing the DVD logo hit the corner exactly dead-on.

I drink lots of water, I eat healthy, I get plenty of exercise, and yet... It's hard not to feel like there's a hidden message here.

I mean, aside from my current living arrangement being potentially haunted - I haven't even mentioned the no batteries situation...

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Random / time-travel? 

So I have this clock (not mine, but it's on the wall here), and no matter how I keep trying to fix it...

1. It can't even be one of those "broken clocks are still correct twice a day" kind of crap.


2. The damn second hand twitches or just straight up goes in reverse.

This is either cruel or I stepped into the wrong "elevator" at some point. And the most bizarre thing happened to this clock today....

Well. After five straight days of work and no sleep I finally finished my big project. Felt pretty good.


That’s just, ya know, that’s… That’s why I’m drinking a big ol’ Shamrock Shake™ (with a lot of whip cream) then sleeping for the next week, maybe two.


I'm like 4 days ahead but 5 days behind on sleep. So now with the whole "saving time" thing I can't quite figure out if I'm finally back on schedule or further off.


Happy !

Here's another fun video from Jenya Porechenskaya.

"keep dancing"

About me 

Two of my biggest time killers...

1. Reading things I don't understand.

2. Spending an enormous amount of more time researching said things so I can try to understand.

I guess you could say, my interests... vary, and yet I'm always intrigued and open to new experiences & ideas.


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About me 

I also make music. And delete it too (like my entire latest album. Oof!) but if you'd like to hear some wild & fun electro from last year - I'm on bandcamp among other places...

🎵 ⚡ 👊

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About me 

Not sure how many here read the bios and whatnot. Mine kinda sucks, but you can find me lurking around...

And if there's anything you want know - let's chat! Or stalk my timeline of random thoughts & feelings.

Let's connect!


Some times all I need is a little peace and quiet, and I'm grateful to have it now.

// by morysetta


I ordered socks from very beautiful people who live in a very beautiful area in the Pyrenees Mountains. And now I want to live there and make socks too.

I think next time I'll just go for the road trip. Or walk.

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It's interesting to see how a small package coming from 45 mins to my left makes it across 3 states before arriving 15 mins up the road, to be delivered, after 5 days.

Personal late-night thoughts 

Communication is crucial, important, & necessary with any person/s or business, no matter what.

Disagreements, even across oceans of dissonance, can be crossed, if the will is there, I believe.

Whenever I feel my voice is not being heard, if my pleas for better understanding or support fall apart - I never stop communicating - it's too important to be ignored, and no one deserves that ever.

To be dismissed, feels absolutely tragic. So I keep communicating.

I finally figured out how to properly clean my glasses. Sadly, the frames are cool, but their quality sucks. Now I have $$$ lenses stuck inside crap frames 🙆🏼‍♀️

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