It’s late.
I’m lonely.
And it’s time for bed.

Sweet dreams & goodnight.

// art by reverse.visuals

Woowee driving through a major thunderstorm was crazy ⚑

New email service? 

I checked out the email service. IMHO it's just okay...

Perhaps their best feature is the screening function. I didn't see any encryption stuff going on, and I don't prefer renaming obvious things just because? Also the interface feels a little weird/disjointed.

It's like Gmail for dummies. Same features, but big bright buttons with too much how-to. I think they over complicated this and I'm not sure why.

For $99/year this ain't it. Not for me at least.

I don't think I can afford any more fans. Maybe I'll just lay outside when it rains.

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The fan/ice thing isn't working. 82 degrees in here! πŸ˜“

Dear Canada,

Please ship your awesome stuff to other countries. I'm legitimately scared to cross the border right now.

Apparently I can just add ice water to the humidifier and BLAM! portable air conditioner.

Holy crap air conditioners are expensive!

I'll stick with a fan + a bucket of ice.

I wrote a haiku:

I bought a new fan
It's cheap and very noisy
I'll have to make do

I don't think I'm ever setting up home security cameras ever again.

They're all so unpredictably inconsistent.

I don't know why I'm surprised a single medication for my puppy costs more than double my food budget for a month.

🎡 On the decks:

SebastiAn - Love In Motion (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)

Going to hide out for the night.

Sweet dreams!

// art by viantonip

They should rename power banks to power bricks.

"Don't forget to juice your device before it becomes a brick!"

Probably good I'm no longer in Marketing.

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The tripod is a tad bit too high, at its lowest.

Maybe a box (or some books) can raise the laptop?

I may be slightly jealous of people with really nice skin.

I just learned about nail brushes, and ohhh some of them look really fancy and nice.

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Maybe I should've went with something smaller. I guess I could also use it to work out?

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