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I just realized I haven’t physically hugged anyone in over five years! I’m slowly getting there.

Where the hell did I end up …

There’s spray-tan Wendy Williams to my left chugging a bottle of wine through a jumbo straw … then 1980’s Vanilla Ice to my right who can’t stop slicking his hair back while pulling his shades down every time a woman strolls by … and of course low-budget DJ Khaled butchering every. single. song right behind me …

I can’t handle this.

I passed out so early last night, and pretty sure I got up at one point to do laundry but it may have been a dream (or a nightmare)

Never cared for rice pudding until I realized how hungry I was.

I can't believe my new work handed me boots for free. And they have heels! (for working, of course)

It seems I have stumbled across a section of town where the IQ has dropped off by about 50 points. This is scary.

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US Police 

So I watched a demonstration where US Police were showing a crowd how they train German Shepherds to "attack anyone not wearing a uniform" ...

Officer: "Don't worry, the dog will only bite once, then clamp its jaw down on their arm, and let go when we tell it to"

Girl in safety suit: "aah! It's biting my leg! It's not letting go!!"

Crowd: "Woooo! Yayyy, we love dogs!"

NOPE. That's enough for me. I'm not coming back.

Please be kind to each other, and also to yourself, especially wait, hold on … who’s calling me …


So anyway we’re all doing our best, and it’s important to remember FUCK! hold on … there’s another call coming in …

Car insurance?! Who the hell willingly goes into Sales?!!

Right, like I was saying - please be kind to each other.

I wish I knew who did the album artwork. Apparently this was from 1995.

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Sometimes I’ll just let Siri play whatever they think I said. Here’s a sample …

🎵 Thumper - Holy Roller

I discovered tape on the wheel of this chair, and now that it's gone - wheeeeeee!

Sometimes I make #music, so if you like house / electro / breaks - check out my random creations ...

I try to keep everything updated, although some links have newer tracks. I made sure to put it all on Bandcamp ...

(apologies for my terrible mastering). Enjoy! :)

Job nonsense 

When the recruiters get desperate ...

"Why are you not picking up your phone?"


A chat with DHL 

“We made an attempt to deliver your package”

You did not.

“We can make another attempt tomorrow”

You won’t.

“We’ll try”

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I need to clean my shoes but it seems the rain has stopped. Time to splash in some puddles!

Oh I am absolutely thrilled! A delivery from Ireland arrived today - three beautiful bracelets made from ship rope, with the proceeds going to charity - to help bring food and essentials to children in need. Included was a very sweet handwritten note + a little pack of gummy bears.

I really needed this today. I will wear these bracelets with pride

The cleaning is done. The space is organized. Time for sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

I'm sitting here cutting up boxes and recycling and whatnot, so I don't know who needs to hear this but ...

It's getting late and I have so much energy. Time for the gym, then a little relaxation before the weekend. I hope everyone gets the time they need to rest and recharge. Sweet dreams!

I'm excited to start a new job where I won't be restricted to a computer all day. I can finally spend my days outside in the world helping others, and that makes me happy.

A good friend of mine said "I hope you send me a photo of you in a hard-hat" Whoo things are about to get interesting!

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