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Time to relax, disconnect, and drift off for a bit...

Sweet dreams & goodnight πŸ’œ

// by Anthony B.

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So many thoughts, and yet so little to say. I'm exhausted and fatigued.

Sweet dreams πŸ’œ

I did some things 

After several hours today of contorting my body in unusual ways, attempting to permanently(?) install a dual camera dash cam, while dismantling & wiring parts of a car that's not even mine (let alone understand)...

I'm actually surprised the whole thing worked. AND I didn't zap myself OR break anything!

My body hates me right now and I'm really tired but I'm feeling pretty good about it so maybe I'll get some good rest tonight.



Of the many heart problems I have to deal with, I just learned that one of them is also known as...

Floppy valve syndrome

And for whatever reason my first thought was of an old 3.5" disk flapping its wings like an aggressive goose πŸ™ƒ

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I don't normally zap myself on purpose, but when I do...

🎡 It's electric!... πŸ’ƒ

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So I hooked myself up to one of those electronic muscle therapy things and OK SO I PRETTY MUCH ELECTROCUTED MYSELF.

After my fingers completely curled up and I lost feeling in my arms, I was finally able to hit the stop button with my nose.

No one told me it was on the max setting, but my anxiety is definitely down.

Unexpected twist 

You ever video call someone & end up accidentally reaching a complete stranger?

It's happened seven times in the last month and I gotta say - I didn't expect to become video-pals(?) and it's not nearly as awkward as I would've imagined.

For every one of those "accidents", I've realized we're all a bit shy, a little wild, maybe even lonely, but making those connections have opened my eyes & ears to people I might never have known otherwise, for which I feel very grateful.

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How do I go about anon-gifting something that could benefit someone who really needs it, in the most fair way possible?

Ideas/boosts welcome


It's pretty wild having a vivid mashup of everything I need to do for myself all in a single night.

So... music's blasting and I'm bopping around in circles. Feels good :)

@Mainebot That's it. Now you've done it.

Tears for Fears marathon all day!


Grateful to have slept in a nice bed last night. So I did the thing and made it nice again.

If nothing else, I've accomplished something.

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🎡 On the decks:

SebastiAn - Love In Motion (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)

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I’m only several hours behind on my first meal today, but it’s pumpkin pie so no complaints :)

❄️ Snow... 

I'm still shoveling snow even tho it'll all melt in a few days. But it's the least I can do to help neighbors, postal workers and others get to all the mailboxes and whatnot in time for Xmas.

🎡 Any music recommendations?

Something laidback, maybe a bit dreamy, similar to Cannons and Holiday Sidewinder. What is that, indie electro pop?

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