🎵 Any music recommendations?

Something laidback, maybe a bit dreamy, similar to Cannons and Holiday Sidewinder. What is that, indie electro pop?

@matt This is wonderful. Thank you! Just what I needed tonight :)

@BlvckTongveCvlt oooh I dig this. Great suggestion. Thank you! :)

@fvcktlvsn welcome ^^ i love sharing music. Is there a good instance for music sharing? Using new instances seems confusing

@BlvckTongveCvlt 🤔 You can always try or a list online like

Also @djsundog is an amazing human who somehow figured out how to run a radio show through here.

Otherwise you might just see someone post about music on the federated timeline, and connect from there.

@fvcktlvsn @BlvckTongveCvlt :bow:

I'm gonna tag in a few folk who regularly dish out some sweet music recs, like @Mainebot, @craigmaloney, and @thermous (who will represent the fine folk of, all of whom are faboo)

@djsundog @fvcktlvsn @BlvckTongveCvlt @Mainebot @thermous Thank you. Here's my Bandcamp which has a lot of the things that get me excited:

(not pictured: a bunch of the classical I listen to)

@craigmaloney @djsundog @fvcktlvsn @BlvckTongveCvlt @thermous

I'll sell my questionable taste for clout:

It gets weird in waves

@djsundog @fvcktlvsn @BlvckTongveCvlt @Mainebot @craigmaloney Oh hey, thank you! I'm over at and my "official" mastodon presence, though not very active, is @magicians. My unofficial musical presence is @mayor.

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