I have no idea why I struggle to clean my glasses every day. All I see is blurry smudges.

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@Saviornaro I have not and now I'm intrigued. Can you tell me more about it?

@fvcktlvsn so sit on a couch or chair. Look at one of the walls in the room. It's good to be a distance away. Sitting perfectly still look up in one corner. Don't turn your head just your eyes. Let's say it's the upper left corner. Then pan over to the right corner then diagonal down to the bottom left corner, then to the bottom right corner then back up to the left corner. That's one

@fvcktlvsn do that a couple times and then reverse it start with the right corner and go left, diagonal bottom right two bottom left then back up to top right. Do a couple of those and then do a square around the room. Left corner right corner bottom right corner bottom left corner. And then reverse that

@Saviornaro Thanks. I’m also convinced my issue is staring at screens all day w/o looking away enough. Also, all those fancy lens cloths seem to always add or just push the smudges around. Any suggestions for anything that works better to wipe the glasses clean? Thanks again! 🥳

@fvcktlvsn if in a jam coffee filters work great cause you can partially what the filter and then use the dry part. Also look out a window as far as you can every half hour looking at screen. It's good for mental clarity on a walk as well.

@Saviornaro Never knew about coffee filters. Will definitely give that a go. And yes, agreed on getting much needed mental clarity. Thanks so much!

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