😷 Covid, Mask suggestions? 

I'm currently doubling up, with the disposable blue ones and a washable filtered 3-layer(?) on top.

Is this currently best?

I don't believe proper NIOSH-certified N95s are available, and it seems my other option is to try an FDA EUA KN95, although those are also disposable on their own, and might be more costly?

Any insight or personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Thx!

😷 Covid, Mask suggestions? 

@fvcktlvsn Largely we've been not having transmission to nursing staff in rooms full of covid with KN95s. A general basic cloth mask SHOULD do the general trick of keeping YOU from spreading. As long as you're not in enclosed areas with groups of people with few outside air exchanges (restaurants) your risk should be pretty low.

😷 Covid, Mask suggestions? 

Thanks @roguetrick for your insight! I'm assisting two elderly & somewhat-at-risk people in-home (e.g. running their errands, etc). I'm also concerned when they're out & about, then we end up under the same roof again.

Only one has received the vaccine so far, and I was asked to find them better masks. It would also make me feel more comfortable.

I did find a distributor who buys direct, low cost to me. Is this unnecessary? I appreciate any advice you can share 💜

😷 Covid, Mask suggestions? 

@fvcktlvsn if you're trying to go for maximum safety a kn95 should be sufficient because we've been using non fit tested kn95s in the hospital with direct patient care including regular aerosols without cases of transmission that I know of.

😷 Covid, Mask suggestions? 

@roguetrick That’s great to hear. Thank you & stay safe!

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