About me 

Not sure how many here read the bios and whatnot. Mine kinda sucks, but you can find me lurking around...


And if there's anything you want know - let's chat! Or stalk my timeline of random thoughts & feelings.

Let's connect!



About me 

I also make music. And delete it too (like my entire latest album. Oof!) but if you'd like to hear some wild & fun electro from last year - I'm on bandcamp among other places...


🎵 ⚡ 👊

About me 

Two of my biggest time killers...

1. Reading things I don't understand.

2. Spending an enormous amount of more time researching said things so I can try to understand.

I guess you could say, my interests... vary, and yet I'm always intrigued and open to new experiences & ideas.


re: About me 


This is also me. Or is it?

I'm not as chatty as COLOUR, however I do SPARKLE.

// #art & #animation by thinklumi
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