I remember... 

That was a really long time ago too. I wonder if people still do this? Colored lighting can look and feel pretty rad. Here's some random examples...

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I ate a gummy bear. I'm livin' that life.

// by morysetta

Happy !

Here's another fun video from Jenya Porechenskaya.

"keep dancing"

Some times all I need is a little peace and quiet, and I'm grateful to have it now.

// by morysetta

Also I don’t ever remember sleeping this long my entire life.

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I keep peeking at the Federated Timeline™ and... NO.

It's fine. I'm fine.
Everything's fine.
Just floating in my own bliss.

// by Boby Atmajaya

You ever finally remember to do that thing you keep forgetting... and then you just, space out?


// by Joe Webb

Time to relax, disconnect, and drift off for a bit...

Sweet dreams & goodnight 💜

// by Anthony B.


It's pretty wild having a vivid mashup of everything I need to do for myself all in a single night.

So... music's blasting and I'm bopping around in circles. Feels good :)

Poetry on courage & strength 

Inside of this darkness
that I love so well,
I search for my pieces
that broke when I fell.
A mosaic of strength
built for your eyes to feast,
I came to hell, shaken
but I’m leaving, a beast.

– Caroline White

// by yossi kotler


Some days are just rough, and there seems to always be others willing to make it worse.

Well, tonight I feel like being fabulous, so I'm gonna go party in my own little corner and hope everyone gets the chance to do the same.


// by diberkato

It's that time.
The dreams are starting...

Good night!

// by Diela Maharanie

Time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the rest. Sweet dreams!

// by Risvan

My nook & cranny for the night. If only I had some snacks. Although I heard the blanket was handmade a century ago, so that’s cool.

Time to drift off into the abyss...

Sweet dreams!

// by Dorian Legret

Nobody is allowed to make you feel like shit on a regular basis.

Tough times don't last...
Tough PEOPLE do

― Robert Schuller

// by arcipello

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