Inside a chocolate bar wrapper 

No golden ticket.

I thought it was cool to see the following poem on the inside, and I almost threw it away!

Graphic violence. Good vibes... 

It was only a year ago I felt trapped, just like the person depicted in picture - Happy on the outside, broken on the inside.

I've since developed much healthier coping skills, which I've used to turn all that pain into something others might enjoy - music.

What a difference! And I couldn't be more grateful for all the love & support everyone here has shown me.

It's okay to feel emotional.
It's okay to reach out.
It's okay to just be.
I AM me.

Oh now this is goooood!

I managed to mix enough random stuff in the remaining strawberry Pedialyte™ knock-off so it tastes just like strawberry shortcake and I’m in love ❤️

New earrings and I’m feeling fresh. Let’s go somewhere on an adventure!



Sofie just came home from camp and overheard "chicken" while making dinner earlier.

Sofie & I took a break earlier, just before dragging a ginormous tree branch out of someone's yard.

One more day, Sofie. Just one more day and you’ll be all clean, combed, and lookin’ cute.

Right now it’s time for the zzzz’s. Sweet dreams, everyone! 💜

Be someone’s moon on a dark hopeless night ✨ 🌝

// by Muhammed Salah

Infographic typo? 

I’m pretty sure they meant “shift”, although it’s a tough call 😁


Every. Single. Time.

Today it's Saucony. And I don't even need new sneakers. Just admiring...

💜 👟 :ablobeyes:

Am I the only one who likes these ?

They look a whole lot of comfy, and personally I love the colors. I just need to stop looking at shoes!

Beer / Alcohol 

Crude S’mores

Imperial Milk Stout with Chocolate, Marshmallow, Graham Crackers, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and… Lactose(?)

Off-season random stout is pretty good!


Totally me right now.

Except no cat. No house plant. No fancy bed. And no amazing view of the colorful city lights.

I got the fan & chill beats tho!

And I enjoy nights like this, where I can just close my eyes and let the imagination machine do its thing.

// by Michah Dowbak

I remember... 

That was a really long time ago too. I wonder if people still do this? Colored lighting can look and feel pretty rad. Here's some random examples...

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I ate a gummy bear. I'm livin' that life.

// by morysetta

Happy !

Here's another fun video from Jenya Porechenskaya.

"keep dancing"

Some times all I need is a little peace and quiet, and I'm grateful to have it now.

// by morysetta

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