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It's so hot outside! Take me to the place I love, take me all the way ...

// de moi

I’m learning so much from everyone. Good morning to all you lovely creatures! What’s in store for today?⠀

// by Morysetta

At first glance, this could look like a downward spiral. Doom and gloom and all that. OR ...⠀

It could be the beginning of an adventure across space and time! And that's awesome!!⠀

Try reframing the events that are impacting you the most. We tend to project our insecurities onto the world and whatever awaits us. It doesn't have to be this way.⠀

We're going on an adventure and we're doing it together. Remember - that's not anxiety. That's EXCITEMENT!⠀

Follow your dreams.
Grow your passions.
Invest in yourself.
Fuck everyone else ...

Walked down by the river today. Beautiful view and of course, a kitten was added for

Sipping on green tea and wondering where all these people came from. It's a busy Spring day!
// by Rafa Macarrón

Some days I really miss the "vaporwave" style. I still love it.
// by kidmograph

Every day I read the news …

Just cat & dog things ... Happy !!!

lol I made the ...
FVCK TLVSN - Hazelnut (teaseremaster quick edit)
🎵 🪩 💃🏼

So happy the sun is shining today. It looks like Spring is finally here!
// by Anastasia Trusova

Oh my. Every day!
// original by amii james

Cotton T-Shirt: $70
Me: ...

mh + 

I don’t know WHAT I was thinking so many years ago. Wait, scratch that…
I don’t know what the DOCTORS were thinking all those years. Wait, scratch that…
It’s always money.

🐶🥳 The pup turns 4 today!!
Here's Sofie at just three months old, on the day we became BFFs, playing outside and chewing on everything...

Living in a shipping container doesn't seem so bad, if done properly.
I wouldn't mind coming home to this ...

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