I ordered socks from very beautiful people who live in a very beautiful area in the Pyrenees Mountains. And now I want to live there and make socks too.

I think next time I'll just go for the road trip. Or walk.

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It's interesting to see how a small package coming from 45 mins to my left makes it across 3 states before arriving 15 mins up the road, to be delivered, after 5 days.

Personal late-night thoughts 

Communication is crucial, important, & necessary with any person/s or business, no matter what.

Disagreements, even across oceans of dissonance, can be crossed, if the will is there, I believe.

Whenever I feel my voice is not being heard, if my pleas for better understanding or support fall apart - I never stop communicating - it's too important to be ignored, and no one deserves that ever.

To be dismissed, feels absolutely tragic. So I keep communicating.

I finally figured out how to properly clean my glasses. Sadly, the frames are cool, but their quality sucks. Now I have $$$ lenses stuck inside crap frames 🙆🏼‍♀️

@m4dh4tt3r Agreed! Water is my friend, with lemon & fresh mint

😷 Covid, Mask suggestions? 

@roguetrick That’s great to hear. Thank you & stay safe!

😷 Covid, Mask suggestions? 

Thanks @roguetrick for your insight! I'm assisting two elderly & somewhat-at-risk people in-home (e.g. running their errands, etc). I'm also concerned when they're out & about, then we end up under the same roof again.

Only one has received the vaccine so far, and I was asked to find them better masks. It would also make me feel more comfortable.

I did find a distributor who buys direct, low cost to me. Is this unnecessary? I appreciate any advice you can share 💜

Cake for breakfast is where it's at!

Also I don’t ever remember sleeping this long my entire life.

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I just woke up 30 minutes ago after posting this. So 13 hours off. Yikes.

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I'm only off by 12 hours. That's cool.

😷 Covid, Mask suggestions? 

I'm currently doubling up, with the disposable blue ones and a washable filtered 3-layer(?) on top.

Is this currently best?

I don't believe proper NIOSH-certified N95s are available, and it seems my other option is to try an FDA EUA KN95, although those are also disposable on their own, and might be more costly?

Any insight or personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Thx!

Look at that.
I starred my OWN post.
And I'll do it again.

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I might actually be the only person I know that "stars"? other posts.

urgent money request, boosts appreciated 

@yuki I did what I could. Sending my best wishes <3

@FVKTV Currently doing the same. At least my old rusty machine is still running ok.

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