Trying out a new instance (link in bio - follow me there!) So far I'm loving the features and the UX. Let's see how it goes on the move!

@duy I signed up, checking it out now. Thanks! :)

I think Misskey (so far) is the most useful service I've found. So much room for activities!

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@qb64 Not interested in anything Google. Thanks.

Are there any good, reputable misskey instances worth joining/looking into?

A little cloudy out this morning. So, time to eat the clouds!

// by Joe Webb


I'll definitely check it out. I guess my other option is looking at alternative instances that allow a bit more freedom.

Thanks! :)


So far I enjoy the customization/theming options, the frictionless UX, and the post options feel polished. Also, no character limits?

There may be more, but it's been a while - I just opened a new account.

Is there a fediverse version of Tumblr?

Spent much of the past five years doing a ton of journaling. Not sure I really agree with all those thoughts anymore, but it is interesting to see how much has changed (including what didn't).

>> Your order number fifty three billion seven hundred thirty eight million two hundred ninety four thousand eight hundred and sixty five has been delivered

Siri ... I'm going to turn you off.

@hq1 Thanks! I'm a little confused with their dashboard - Do they offer email, SSL, hosting?

Thank you everyone for responding (and boosting). I'm learning so much! 💜

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@goz Thanks for chiming in. That setup won't work for me tho.

@popey @Greg

You would think developers would understand this from the get-go. I'll compare costs.

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