It's that time.
The dreams are starting...

Good night!

// by Diela Maharanie

@Mainebot Cheers! 🍻 I shall join in this endeavor :)

Time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the rest. Sweet dreams!

// by Risvan

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@fvcktlvsn Hey check it out - one of my songs was featured in a quick blading vid...

Selfie x2 

@Mainebot You look great! Love the mask, even with the "bitchy eyes" :)

Still working on a bunch of new music. I want to share, but then I keep changing so much depending on my mood.

You can always check out my latest here:

Or here:

Today feels like a Florence + the Machine kinda day.

I'm gonna eat pumpkin pie all day and you can't stop me!

I set my mouse cursor to be ridiculously huge and ya know what? I kinda like it.

I might just play Duran Duran on repeat today.

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I can't remember who first introduced this to me, but I still love listening to it!

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My nook & cranny for the night. If only I had some snacks. Although I heard the blanket was handmade a century ago, so that’s cool.

I'd love to share more photos but they mostly end up with a dog tail across the entire scene.

@Mainebot Am I really slow bc this looks like an album cover for music you make?

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@Mainebot Similar forecast here too. Unfortunately I won’t be able to take the pup to the nearest trail anytime soon.

@Mainebot Oh that reminds me, I need to clean some stuff too. Sounds like a productive day so far!

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