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Whoa. How is my WiFi faster than my ethernet cable?

47 vs 170

Found my insoles!
Happy feet, let's dance!


Sweet dreams, you spooky peeps!


Sofie is very obviously super excited about all the people coming for candy, especially in her bunny costume!

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Did anyone carve any pumpkins? I’d love to see your creations!


I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot of trick & treaters this way. I did however, stock up on CANDY.



This is my official first meal with a slow cooker - chicken enchilada casserole.

Thanks @Mainebot for continuously inspiring me to cook more, and for the great cook-thingy suggestion!

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Food prepped and ready to cook! Fingers crossed I did everything right.

Today's the big day!!

Going grocery shopping.

I'm gonna git this crock pot to make sumthin fun!

I usually feel like a day ahead, and yet the clocks here go back an hour.

This year is confusing.

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Pause for a moment and take a few deep breaths.

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And Sofie seems just as excited, getting ready to go out and play in the snow!

Sofie says play time is over. And tomorrow a trip to the vet!

sweet dreams and good night...

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art, boosts appreciated 

Art #38 "Petal Dance"

I sell these as "Pay what you want / can". I need my costs for materials and shipping covered, anything more will be awesome and appreciated!

Check my gallery at:


Eva Cassidy - Time After Time

Sweet dreams, everyone πŸ’œ

Me accessing a web service:

> We don't recognize this device. No login for you.

Honest question - Aside from my login/password + 2FA, is this a necessary step?

I'm asking bc I can't access older accounts that I used many moons ago from computers that don't exist anymore, and now I'm locked out due to this device stuff.

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