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Turns out my heat doesn't work when it gets cold outside 🤨

Poetry on courage & strength 

Inside of this darkness
that I love so well,
I search for my pieces
that broke when I fell.
A mosaic of strength
built for your eyes to feast,
I came to hell, shaken
but I’m leaving, a beast.

– Caroline White

// by yossi kotler

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If you’re into Metal and like drummers, here’s a badass cover...

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Kristina Schiano


Some days are just rough, and there seems to always be others willing to make it worse.

Well, tonight I feel like being fabulous, so I'm gonna go party in my own little corner and hope everyone gets the chance to do the same.


// by diberkato

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How's everyone doing? Anything you're looking forward to this weekend?

Successful dinner made, served, and everything is cleaned up.

Time for a chill sesh with Sofie before it gets too late :)

🧦 Socks? 

I need new socks I can wear almost year-round, and I can't decide between Coolmax or Merino wool.

Anyone wear socks from Lorpen or Smartwool?

I'm awake.
I'm doing things.

So far so good, minus the breakfast part.

Doing what I can 

√ Showered
√ Dressed
(those count, ya?)
√ Laundry done
√ Dishes cleaned
√ Dinner in the oven!

And it's still eaarrlly

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Doing what I can 

√ Cleaned up around town
√ Collected cans & bottles
√ Took them to recycling
√ Cashed out

Now on to the indoor stuff!

Getting barked at bc my shoes are wet. It must be the "squeak".

Getting dark out this early just doesn’t feel right. At least it’s raining.

It's that time.
The dreams are starting...

Good night!

// by Diela Maharanie

Time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the rest. Sweet dreams!

// by Risvan

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@fvcktlvsn Hey check it out - one of my songs was featured in a quick blading vid...

Still working on a bunch of new music. I want to share, but then I keep changing so much depending on my mood.

You can always check out my latest here:

Or here:

Today feels like a Florence + the Machine kinda day.

I'm gonna eat pumpkin pie all day and you can't stop me!

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