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Totally me right now.

Except no cat. No house plant. No fancy bed. And no amazing view of the colorful city lights.

I got the fan & chill beats tho!

And I enjoy nights like this, where I can just close my eyes and let the imagination machine do its thing.

// by Michah Dowbak


Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

I remember... 

That was a really long time ago too. I wonder if people still do this? Colored lighting can look and feel pretty rad. Here's some random examples...

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I remember... 

That time I had a bed and it would glow from underneath and behind the backboard, in different colors. I had it synced to my others lights, my stereo, and a single switch 🀘

I ate a gummy bear. I'm livin' that life.

// by morysetta

I splurged a little, picked up a new 'mechanical' keyboard. It's pretty and clicky and I love it.

I'm unusually excited about cleaning my glasses. And it looks like I'm giving them a bath.

Oh no.

I've gone down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole!

Listening to songs that speak to my 20-something self is something I didn't know I needed.

I <3 🎡

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the river is near
only violets remain

I did the thing.

Got my vaccination shot.
One more to go!


I might be a puppy dog. The Pet Music Therapy station is definitely relaxing.


Portishead - Strangers

Can anybody see the light?
Where the morn' meets the dew and the tide rises
Did you realise no one can see inside your view?
Did you realise for why this sight belongs to you?

Ugh, so good!

I finally got a new chair! And it's got those fancy super-smooth gliding wheels.

It might be raining but that steep road outside is calling me 🀘

I had to use this phrase in a sentence, and did not expect to see so much debate.

Which would you use?

Amongst a group of (distanced) people and hearing everyone talk to each other and yet no one is discussing the same thing.

I had a 24’ ladder drop on me, which obviously felt great. How’s your day going?

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