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I guess that counts as exercise :ablobwink:

I mean, the whole thing was about 1/3rd the entire tree, and it just snapped off along with the top. And this was a very tall & healthy tree, too!

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Sofie & I took a break earlier, just before dragging a ginormous tree branch out of someone's yard.

Some of my best birthday memories are when I'm alone.

It's given me (and I'm grateful for), all this time to reflect, to heal, and to try and put everything in perspective.

So it's been a fun day (trying to) run 1/10th as fast as Sofie. She's quick!

Question 🙋‍♂️

If you could make an app to solve a problem so dumb, that no one is currently addressing, what would it be/do?

One more day, Sofie. Just one more day and you’ll be all clean, combed, and lookin’ cute.

Right now it’s time for the zzzz’s. Sweet dreams, everyone! 💜

Be someone’s moon on a dark hopeless night ✨ 🌝

// by Muhammed Salah

Infographic typo? 

I’m pretty sure they meant “shift”, although it’s a tough call 😁


Every. Single. Time.

Today it's Saucony. And I don't even need new sneakers. Just admiring...

💜 👟 :ablobeyes:

Oh darn. I was all excited about Sofie’s new collar but it’s too big. I tried two different styles too. Ah well, back to the stores.

If anyone needs a new dog collar I’ve got two unused I can always send out somehow.

Cookie Consent pop-ups 

You visit a website and BLAM! Now you gotta consent to cookies?

How I envision others: Oh right, cookies, whatevs, I hit OK already now let me on your website (I honestly have no clue)

How I see them: "Hey, so... we value your privacy & all, that's why you're seeing this message... now click OK so we can get back to business as usual"

Maybe it's just me :ablobcatcoffee:

I already found another 5+ pairs I now (totally) "need".

👟 💘 🙃

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Am I the only one who likes these ?

They look a whole lot of comfy, and personally I love the colors. I just need to stop looking at shoes!


So I was only recently introduced to Syncope. Fascinating, personally. But doesn't sound fun, and I'm checking off too many boxes.

Pretty sure this is why it's never recommended to look these things up. I just don't know how to interpret separate professionals coming to the same conclusion, and why only now?

My Usual: C'est la vie
Can't sleep Me: Grab the blueprints!

I will figure this out. I have to.

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