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It's that time again! Pause for a moment and just breathe.


Blisters are just slightly more annoying than stubbing my toe, but a lot of labor in old boots will do that.

Going back out today for one final battle with the leaves 👊🏻🍂

After a million leaves raked and a decent amount of tractor time, I can finally catch a break (and hope my knees stop cracking bc I’m feeling old!)

Another night of Mac 'n Cheese. WITH tuna.

I've noticed more business/company profiles showing up here, or at least on other timelines.

Nevermind, it's there. But missing from the Mastodon emoji picker on web? Just me?

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Just realized there's no yawn emoji - and what would that even look like?

Time to drift off into the abyss...

Sweet dreams!

// by Dorian Legret

Nobody is allowed to make you feel like shit on a regular basis.

Every time I see "lol" written anywhere, I say it to myself as EL-OH-EL, and can never picture someone literally laughing out loud.

Do people actually and uncontrollably laugh so loud so often? Seems strange.

Listening to Röyksopp was the right call for today.

I keep trying to take a photo of my shoes and now my ankles look huge! 😅

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New shoes!!!

Functional and ready for winter. I'm excited :)

Power is flickering. I should probably shut things down and gather some wood for the fire.

I made an oopsie and looked at the Federated Timeline.

Time to sleep. Good night!


I think I'm going to make a pudding pie. It's not only relatively cheap & easy but... BUTTERSCOTCH

You ever... 

Write out a post, then delete for fear of backlash, even though the mute/block functionality is there?

I tried using a takeout container as a bowl (thanks, pro-tips), and after 30 minutes of prying the metal handle off - I just ate it cold, in the dark, with my bare hands.

It felt good.

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