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I ate a gummy bear. I'm livin' that life.

// by morysetta

I splurged a little, picked up a new 'mechanical' keyboard. It's pretty and clicky and I love it.

I'm unusually excited about cleaning my glasses. And it looks like I'm giving them a bath.

Oh no.

I've gone down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole!

Listening to songs that speak to my 20-something self is something I didn't know I needed.

I <3 🎵

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the river is near
only violets remain

I did the thing.

Got my vaccination shot.
One more to go!


I might be a puppy dog. The Pet Music Therapy station is definitely relaxing.


Portishead - Strangers

Can anybody see the light?
Where the morn' meets the dew and the tide rises
Did you realise no one can see inside your view?
Did you realise for why this sight belongs to you?

Ugh, so good!

I finally got a new chair! And it's got those fancy super-smooth gliding wheels.

It might be raining but that steep road outside is calling me 🤘

I had to use this phrase in a sentence, and did not expect to see so much debate.

Which would you use?

Amongst a group of (distanced) people and hearing everyone talk to each other and yet no one is discussing the same thing.

I had a 24’ ladder drop on me, which obviously felt great. How’s your day going?

Random / time-travel? 


Did I torture wall clocks in a past life?

Is this why my internal clock is always off?

Is it angry bc I still wear my mostly-dead/what's-left of my first Swatch Watch??


I wonder what that wall clock is thinking. It's the first thing I notice when I wake up...

But I don't know y'all, clocks are weird. I still wear at least two 24/7 until somethings breaks and that's when I get crafty.

Perhaps this wall clock just wants to have crafty time too.

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Random / time-travel? 


The clock managed to show me, for the first time in months, right now, as I type this, the actual correct time.

It's like glancing over at a TV and seeing the DVD logo hit the corner exactly dead-on.

I drink lots of water, I eat healthy, I get plenty of exercise, and yet... It's hard not to feel like there's a hidden message here.

I mean, aside from my current living arrangement being potentially haunted - I haven't even mentioned the no batteries situation...

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Random / time-travel? 

So I have this clock (not mine, but it's on the wall here), and no matter how I keep trying to fix it...

1. It can't even be one of those "broken clocks are still correct twice a day" kind of crap.


2. The damn second hand twitches or just straight up goes in reverse.

This is either cruel or I stepped into the wrong "elevator" at some point. And the most bizarre thing happened to this clock today....

Well. After five straight days of work and no sleep I finally finished my big project. Felt pretty good.


That’s just, ya know, that’s… That’s why I’m drinking a big ol’ Shamrock Shake™ (with a lot of whip cream) then sleeping for the next week, maybe two.


I'm like 4 days ahead but 5 days behind on sleep. So now with the whole "saving time" thing I can't quite figure out if I'm finally back on schedule or further off.


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