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Oh my!

There's a Mastodon Light Theme :blobcateyes:

Let's see if I can create something custom!

How could I possibly forget about this account. Yay I’m still here and I didn’t break anything! :)


Meg Myers - Running Up That Hill [Official Video]

And this video “was hand-colored by 2,130 children” - that’s awesome! (And intense with the flashing lights, so caution :)

My chair rolls so darn well. I don’t have brakes and if I lift my feet… wheeeeee! ツ


My own remix of Brother Brown Featuring Frank'ee ‎– Under The Water. Made exclusively on my phone. Enjoy!

So there's a fluffy bunny family, plenty of chipmunks/ squirrels, some deer, a plentiful amount of various birds...

And then there's the foxes, the pterodactyl-like monster hawks, bobcats, cougars, bears...

And I freak out over ants.


Another rainy day… 

Wish my spork didn’t go missing though. It was a great gift. That’s right. I’m a huge fan of sporks :)

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Another rainy day… 

And I like the rain :)

In other good news - I can kinda walk again, although standing for too long is tough.

Sadly I still have trouble breathing, and all this shaking makes things like holding utensils or typing feel a bit frustrating.

At least my new keyboard has pretty lights. Anyhoo I’m just grateful to be with my dog and listening to some relaxing music. And of course I still love interacting with all you wonderful humans 💜

Ok I’m just really behind and now I feel dumb for not knowing better.

So I bought a new pair of 🎧 and I don’t see myself going back to the first pair.

Perhaps I’ll let the new ones break-in for a bit before giving up the others.

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Ya know, I absolutely love my headphones - first "wireless" set I've owned. Except...


Grrr. How does every wireless mouse, keyboard, thing/whatever I've ever used work so seamlessly between multiple devices, but headphones don't? 😕

Not sure how I got down this funkadelic slow jam journey but I’m cool with this 🎵

Beer / Alcohol 

Crude S’mores

Imperial Milk Stout with Chocolate, Marshmallow, Graham Crackers, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and… Lactose(?)

Off-season random stout is pretty good!


There's always someone out there willing to listen. Just keep looking until you find them. Please.

I'll keep "starring / favourite" your posts. I don't make the rules ⭐

The sky has darkened and I can feel the thunder. I should be finishing my taxes but lightning!

👊 ⚡

I love how playful this is. The director is a champ for going all in.

Sigrid - Mine Right Now

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