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I have used all four links in my profile and you should flip a coin or spin a dice then click one 😉

For those who prefer to spin randomly online - here's a fun little website...

🎵 -

SebastiAn - Run For Me feat Gallant (Official Music Video)


New MUSIC!!!

Finally uploaded a new song demo sneak-peak thing that you can listen to in either place...



Would love to hear your honest feedback & any criticism :)

I've also made a new "members-only" VIP type thing where you can donate to help me make more music + cover overhead expenses. Although I've made all downloads free (on SoundCloud) otherwise you can find out more by going here: 🎵🤘🏻

Seriously the amount of energy I have has increased exponentially.


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My daily exercise now consists of running around this house multiple times.

Uploading a demo from a new song I've been working on. Hope y'all like it!

Working on a new song. Will upload a link in just a bit…


Hey there, computer... You must be new around here. And you've got that clean new look going on too 😉



Some songs just sound like they belong to an epic video montage during one of those movie flashback scenes.

And now the main protagonist is reminded why they must carry out whatever they promised to finish, with renewed energy and motivation.

So yeah, I’m going to be my own champion in my own movie, and I get to choose my own soundtrack and pick the scenes that will energize me the most. Why not? I’m looking at you, Life… Let’s do this!


Story Time 2/2 😁 

Now I’ve seen many a talented young people but none as ever so keen to destroy the very essence of who Tristan was with so little as a phrase that I can never forget. And the stare! She ever so calmly stopped him in his tracks with a slight gaze only she knew how to pull off. And with that she says… “Just take it easy, okay?” I’ve never felt so aware of my self as I did in that same moment we all unknowingly shared together.


Story Time 1/? 

She was realistically in her late 20’s and dressed just as she was… punk but with a whole lot of chill. The following afternoon a younger boy by the name of Tristan made his way over as he does his daily routine - wearing his bright pink and flowered shorts with matching top and blanketed by his cot blanket as if it were a cape, laughing to himself, only to finally tell this girl whatever he’s thinking in that very moment…

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. I desire this.

Goodnight weirdos. Goodnight electronic serpents and binary ghosts. Goodnight confused and lost emails. Goodnight stolen packets. Goodnight static sharks. Goodnight image artifact goblins.

"Our mission is to smash the stigma surrounding mental illness and to build a community of people who realize that hope happens when youth and community leaders work together. We hope that someday mental illness will be as normal to talk about as any physical illness, and are fiercely dedicated to making this goal a reality."

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Perhaps for the first time in all of my internet experiences...

My random submission of feedback, to a very prominent company, was not only taken very well, but THEY ACTUALLY IMPLEMENTED MY SOLUTION and now every customer will benefit from the savings!!

I just might throw Sofie & I a little party tonight.


🤔 Guess the product!

Your clue:
The instructions say…

→ Burn within sight
→ Keep away from things that catch fire

Do you know?

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