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There's something about pushing bluetooth speakers just beyond their max volume and the bass gets a little sawtooth buzz like it was meant to be :)

Should I be concerned that American Airlines is still sending me emails about some supposed flight I've never taken from Miami to Peru and back?

Oh I could really go for some "good news" at this point.

The weekend really snuck up on me and there's a lot "in limbo" per se. Although I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.


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What a busy day. Also very productive & positive, so nothing but good vibes all around.

Hope y'all are safe & well.

Sweet dreams :blobcathug:

Inside a chocolate bar wrapper 

No golden ticket.

I thought it was cool to see the following poem on the inside, and I almost threw it away!

I just noticed...

At the base of my laptop stand it says "To live a good life"

Kudos to whomever decided that needed to be there. I know I needed to see it :)

Graphic violence. Good vibes... 

It was only a year ago I felt trapped, just like the person depicted in picture - Happy on the outside, broken on the inside.

I've since developed much healthier coping skills, which I've used to turn all that pain into something others might enjoy - music.

What a difference! And I couldn't be more grateful for all the love & support everyone here has shown me.

It's okay to feel emotional.
It's okay to reach out.
It's okay to just be.
I AM me.



A form of fiction featuring extremely graphic violence.


I can't believe the leaves are already changing into beautiful bright colors!


Eh, on second thought, maybe I'll just keep tapping those stars. Can't stop, won't stop 💃 ⭐️

Ever feel like tapping on the star under someone’s post, but you’re not agreeing with the issue being posted about, you’re just agreeing with their point of view?

Ya, I dunno if I should tap the star either. And replying with an “I agree” feels a bit lackluster.

Where’s the middle ground without rage-tooting or hijacking someone else’s post?

I’m up early again.

Good morning 🌞

Need MORE stuff for sale?? 

I also have bags and boxes of clothing - all types, unisex - like pants, shirts, jackets, hats, socks, etc.

Let know if you're interested and I'd be happy to make arrangements and send photos.

I'll even send some of it for free if you pay for shipping. Woo!

Please boost!!


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Need some stuff for sale? 

I have so much I need to sell, and it's all in decent or excellent condition. Everything works!

Part 1...

➤ Sol Republic + Motorola Deck Bluetooth Speaker
➤ Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
➤ Bluecoil Audio Pop Filter
➤ Knox Gear Pop Filter
➤ ZUGU CASE Alpha Case for 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 inch, 4th generation
➤ Rain Design 10032 mStand Laptop Stand
➤ Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Quartz Watch w/ Indiglo
➤ WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Please boost!! 😎

Whoa. Today flew by.

Good news though - I might finally have a place to live relatively soon!


Successful doggo med delivery via pepperoni 🥳

I believe there's a drum kit arriving today 🥁👀

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