ya know i’m never on here it’s mainly bc i can’t figure out how to vibe well enough

Cant believe i havent crossposted this on my profile. Peak

i will become the scene kid y’all wish you didn’t know in 10-15 minutes

hype for #SPOP season 5...
anyway here's #Catra and #Glimmer forming an alliance of unhinged disastergirls >:3c

#KCdraws #KComics #KCmemes

Finally found the bitch who's been ruining my life!!!!

i have no idea what i am doing and honestly that’s pretty sexy of me

what if we were dating 😳 and we're both girls 😳 😳 😳 #vasterror

i have no idea how often ill use thos uhhhhh at least i have more fucking characters more room for typos

#homestuck #art im uploading the drawings i did for muse @callieroxy (DOES IT TAG??) because theyre cool and i love them also calliope rights


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