It's so wonderful to see the summer issue finally come together. After dealing with a paper shortage, our print order was finally delivered! We'd like to thank everyone who worked on the issue and all of our amazingly talented contributors! See you in the fall with another edition!

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@coastal_jelly Thank you so much! 🙏 We're working on the fall issue now, and there are already some really strong submissions we've accepted -- hope it won't disappoint! 😀

@granfalloon are those physical copies? How does an interested reader get a copy?

@coastal_jelly Yes, those are indeed physical copies! 😀 📕 ...Print copies will soon be available for purchase in the "store" section of our website — we're currently working on making this happen... We'll also have some Granfalloon bookmarks & other goodies (designed by our Fiona) for anyone interested! More info coming soon — I'll definitely keep you in the loop! Thank you for your interest!

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