Check out @granfalloon

They are quickly becoming a model for the fiction zine universe. I'm hooked.

@granfalloon You have grown substantially. These products are fantastic. I have come to look at Granfallon as the model of how to do a fictional seasonal magazine.

It's awesome. I've been hooked since issue 0.

The fall edition of Granfalloon is now available online! This issue features a story set on a space station, a tale of an unlikely superhero, a fairytale-esque work by filmmaker Julian Grant, and a story of dystopian wars waged through weather manipulation. In addition, we've got Halloween content and an interview with poet Ricard Stevenson who brings life to several monstrous creatures through his poetry!
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Check it out at:

Granfalloon has teamed up with BigCartel(TM) to set up an online store!Β BigCartel is an online portal which is run "for artists by artists."

Product offerings are currently limited, but there's more exciting stuff coming down the pipeline! For now, you can purchase print versions of issues, subscriptions, new book releases, as well as random packs of unique, science fiction themed buttons/badges designed and manufactured in-house by the Granfalloon design team!

@coastal_jelly Oh, this sounds like a fantastic project! I will get in touch with some of the authors we work with and see if any of them might be interested!

I am looking to collaborate on a short work of #fiction. Specifically, I would like to work on a 'chapter' in a collaborative piece where each chapter is invented and written by an independent #author, without influence from the original chapter/story creator.

I am willing to start a story, or add a chapter to someone else's.

I would work all day on #stories if I had a group like I'm describing to work with.

@coastal_jelly Yes, those are indeed physical copies! πŸ˜€ πŸ“• ...Print copies will soon be available for purchase in the "store" section of our website β€” we're currently working on making this happen... We'll also have some Granfalloon bookmarks & other goodies (designed by our Fiona) for anyone interested! More info coming soon β€” I'll definitely keep you in the loop! Thank you for your interest!

@granfalloon are those physical copies? How does an interested reader get a copy?

@coastal_jelly Thank you so much! πŸ™ We're working on the fall issue now, and there are already some really strong submissions we've accepted -- hope it won't disappoint! πŸ˜€

It's so wonderful to see the summer issue finally come together. After dealing with a paper shortage, our print order was finally delivered! We'd like to thank everyone who worked on the issue and all of our amazingly talented contributors! See you in the fall with another edition!

If speculative poetry, essays, or art is more your thing, we've got several wonderful features just published in the summer issue!

Dissatisfied with computers, the poet tried all manners of pen, pencil, brush, and stylus before settling on quills. But which bird?
After years of travels and trials through time and space, she found it.
Critics agree, the poems she wrote with a T-Rex quill surpass all others.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Looking for some short fiction to read this summer? Our latest issue features several short stories in the genres of speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian)... Check it out at!

We've spent months preparing and curating, and we're happy to announce that the summer issue of Granfalloon is now online with stories of drones, clones, witches, juries, and 99 (lost) souls... and a lot more, including high-seas fantasy, speculative poetry, art, and a throwback comic from the '50s...

This is my digital painting "Blue star and black hole", showing a big blue star being devoured by its former companion star, now a stellar-mass black hole, a system akin to Cygnus X-1.

#art #MastoArt #digitalart #painting #digitalpainting #krita #spaceart #scifiart #blackhole #stars

@coastal_jelly Ah, I see! Years ago, I read Frank Waters' "Book of the Hopi" -- I should read it again and look into Hopi prophesies! Thank you for sharing with the wonderful series of toots! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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