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Here's a by emerging author Kirtan Desai that might just help beat the Wednesday blahs...

In order to win his campaign against lies for the greater good, the seemingly well-intentioned, paternalistic dictator Sweeni Vlac deploys *the ray* which instantly makes people incapable of telling a lie. Once the inevitable dust settles, the utopia that Vlac had envisioned does not come to pass...

"Veritas radium mea β€” the truth is in the ray"... Or is it?


πŸ“„ This article discusses the political and historical context within which the work of the Strugatsky brothers took shape. The Strugatsky brothers are best known for their incredible opus "Roadside Picnic," a combination of science fiction, mystery, and thriller, and the inspiration for Tarkovsky's 1979 masterpiece, "Stalker."

"The Strugatskys in Political Context"
by Erik Simon


2/2 Fiona Chew-Mcleod joins as our in-house copy editor, but she intends to wear several hats as layout supervisor, typesetter, and designer! She has been an editor and content writer for 5 years. As a Literature grad from the University of Edinburgh, she loves to read all genres of fiction. Fiona has worked at a print magazine and at campus newspapers before, and she is looking forward to applying her skills at!

Meet the editors at! First up is our editor-in-chief, Albert (Al) Mamet β€” Al was born in London, and has lived in Reykjavik, Bruges, and Taipei. He's a big Star Wars fan. His literary idols include: Philip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, Stanislaw Lem, Ursula LeGuin, C.L. Moore, Norman Spinrad, & others... He's been editing fiction for 7 years. This is his first zine. He's especially excited to be able to provide a platform for new sci-fi/speculative fiction authors to publish their work!

When it was found that any given time and place could only be visited by a time machine once, "first events" became expensive collectibles.
Premieres, product launches - anything that let a billionaire say "I was there, the first time".
Until one went to see the first time trip.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Defecating ducks, talking Turks' heads, and mechanized Christs... In the trial issue of Granfalloon, Prof. Jessica Riskin of Stanford U. discusses the wonderful history of β€” machines built to mimic the processes of intelligent life! πŸ€–

Here's the link:

Women writers have largely been underrepresented in sci-fi, even though it was Margaret Cavendish, who, in 1666 wrote the book, "The Blazing World," considered the earliest example of sci-fi! In the book, she imagined a utopian kingdom only accessible via the North Pole where she became Empress! The trial issue of Granfalloon celebrates women authors of science fiction short stories from the golden era of the 50s and 60s. Women authors of sci-fi, fantasy, cyberpunk, we welcome your submissions!πŸ›Έ

This *amazing* #visualization of #sciencefiction #history just dropped in @katycns's talk & I am *smitten*. Data visualization can be so beautiful! And how genre-appropriate! #DS2conf

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Check out our first issue featuring a mini throwback anthology of classic sci-fi from the '50s and '60s by , along with contemporary pieces, an obscure, republished work by Ray Bradbury, , , and for anyone who loves literary & ...

Or download the issue here for free:

Suggestions of creative #writers who use the Fediverse/Mastodon rather than Big Tech socials? I already follow @pluralistic and he's really inspiring my practice. I literally only have Big Tech accounts to share my gigs now. Don't want to rely on that anymore eventually.

Long piece on another SFF writer from China to watch out for: Chen Qiufan.

"Chen is drawn more to the interior lives of characters struggling to anchor themselves in a moment of accelerated changeβ€”much the way nearly anyone in China struggles to anchor themselves today. His work is often described as β€œscience fiction realism.”"

#SFF #Writers #China #ChenQuiFan

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new, zine! Currently accepting for the summer issue! For submission guidelines, please go to:

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