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i look away for 2 fucking seconds and theres around 30 more accounts to block. great

i live but i might move if this continues onto tomorrow

jfc the blocklist is growing to an insane amount

they don't care about the music they care about the looks of the artists and thats easily apparent if you go through ones account for less than a minute

hágalo pasar por su cráneo grueso que su publicación de Stan no es bienvenida en este caso. Vaya a crear su propia instancia dedicada específicamente a la publicación de Stan.

por favor haz tu propia instincia de mastodon kpop stans

if the kpop fellas really want to spam their shit they can create their own instance specifically for that. Please don't ruin this one

at this point im just blocking gimmick accounts, spammers, and stan accounts (which ig count as spammers)

this instance is really just gonna become twitter 2 in a couple days huh

tbh sun and moon would probably stand up there with b/w and hg/ss if it weren't for it's glaring flaws like terrible optimization, slow start (tutorial is about 3 hours long), and z-moves. Elite 4 was challenging, probably the hardest in any pokemon game, story was interesting, characters were lovable, music is fantastic, and adding trainers to the battles, while a small addition, made all the difference.

oh my fucking god can y'all stop making parody accounts every 5 minutes

Why are there so many parody accounts on this site. Please don't let this become Twitter 2: Revenge of the Gimmicks.

Im just gonna block all the parody accounts because I don't want that shit regurgitated on my local timeline, so don't take it personally.

:sm64_d: :sm64_e: :sm64_e: Z :sm64_n: :sm64_u: :sm64_t: :sm64_s: it ain't the same without Z...


twitter: old white guys killing unarmed black men

facebook: 5g kills

masto: z

twitter ain't shit, the idea of local timeline kinda seals the deal for me

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