never have I ever used those heated lash curlers because I don't want that kinda thing near by eyeballs. D:

Dragging my feet this morning because I couldn't sleep last night.

I should consume something with caffeine in it, I am dragging my feet today.

I bought an Astrology book recently and started reading off the zodiac for family members, it gave us all another reason to roast each other and I am here for it. 😂

I know this stuff is bs but it's still amusing to read and discuss with people.

I am going to have a gnarly scar on my arm from that shaving accident a few weeks ago so I minus well put a tattoo over it once it's completely healed :02smile:

Gave someone a hug today and their hair connected with my septum piercing. I really hope that's the last time that happens, ugh.

I am craving sushi and I think I will try and pick up some tomorrow for lunch 🤤

I also bought more fountain pens only because I can replace the cartridges. I loooooove the way they right!

Well poop, I ended up buying more books at Big Five. Most of them are coloring books but still, I said I wouldn't and yet here we are. No regerts.

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I feel like I have something going on tomorrow but I'm not sure what it is. I didn't write it down if I did have something scheduled so I guess eff it, I'll find out tomorrow.

Weird having a free day now that the dogs owners came back. I guess I'll catch up on house duties I've been neglecting, lol.

Comadre made it through her surgery okay, I'm going to her on Friday to baby her while she recovers so shes not by herself while her partner is at work. We pinky promised (and you know those are legally/morally binding!) that we would spend more time together and I'd cook for her more 😂 its been more than two years since shes had my meals.

I released the lady bugs this evening and they are going to town on the bad bugs in the garden. I also planted a blackberry plant that is supposed to give me blackberries and raspberries in two years time 🥲 I hope I can find a bigger pot for it because I read that it will get kinda big. I'm growing one for me and the other I'll be gifting it to my neighbor if she's still around.

My niece and nephew brought me "something alive" for my garden. 🥰

I got Tia duties tomorrow which means I have to wake up early. Ugh. Haters.

Sad Feelings- tl;dr - friend is having surgery tomorrow morning 

My comadre sent me a message that her surgeon spoke to her saying she might not survive this type of surgery. I'm scared for her, she's scared for herself. We're saying all the things we want to say to each other -just in case- because complications can happen with any kind of surgery.

I'm so excited that I get to buy cute body jewelry, lol. I don't have a flat belly but whatever, I'm still getting cute stuff so I can look at it.

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