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Hi everyone! I'm 22 years old and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰.

My interests are music, software development, language learning and literature (mostly through songwriting).

Just came back to Mastodon to wish y’all a happy

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🎈 unlike u snowflakes, i'm not so easily triggered

🔥 why software foundation change word

Just hooked up with someone for the first time since the epidemic/lockdown started. I really thought I missed it but it turned out to be pretty disappointing.

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In a pure functional language, all constructs can be expressed as anonymous functions ("lambda functions"). I wrote an article "Everything is a function" that explains how this works.


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americana is what we call country music that doesnt suck

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FOSS terminology subtoot(s) 

ugh. people still confused about the terminology.

free-as-in-freedom and open source differ almost not at all in terms of licenses and how they apply to what you can do with the code. *neither* approves read-only, no-derivatives, 'source available' licenses.

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Anyone have any experience with large projects in Solidity? I’ve been using VSCode for now with the most popular Solidity extension but the auto completion isn’t that good and the plugin as a whole lack a lot of the features I’ve come to expect from my editor (jump to definition, format on save, etc.). Any recommendations?

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Commercial software using closed protocols is the reason we have to juggle a bunch of different apps like Discord, Slack, Hangouts and so on. Closed platforms fundamentally undermine the very spirit of how the internet is meant to work.

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Dude ❌
- gendered
- tired
- you sound like a gamer on weed and Doritos

Cabeça ✔️
- genderless
- novel
- you sound cheerful and playful

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Github is sinking. What now? Some quick suggestions on my blog.

Move. No reason to stay.

GitHub being down reminds us once again of why it's bad to rely on a single centralized platform for crucial infrastructure. How many individuals and companies find themselves unable to do their work properly because of Microsoft this morning?

Is it just me or is GitHub acting out? I've been getting 500 errors for the last 20 minutes.

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Holy shit you guys! The #EU has adopted a standard to measure how repairable something is!

This means the path is now clear to make actual laws requiring companies to make their products repairable.

#EN45554 #Repair #RightToRepair

As of today, I only have three months left to write my thesis. Fuck.

Thanks to the fediverse for showing me that not everyone in the tech industry is an insufferable techbro dude.

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Thinking of using Go to implement part of my master's thesis. What's the best way to learn it? Any resources you'd recommend?

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