you can run from yourself
but for how long
and to what end

question the premise
that you needed to be doing
anything else

where could you be living today
if you weren't trying to get something in the future

don't surrender
what you can't afford to lose

shameless the only way
when the alternative
is life afraid of shame

you're entitled to contribute
in your own best way
not someone else's

for better or worse
you're also cursed to do so.

flawed premises lead to flawed conclusions

how many fears are our own self-imprisonments?

the question is
how does your life work
when the rest of the world
works like this

no point in struggling to get somewhere else
the purpose has always been arriving at peace
here and now
the question is of one's present cycle

safety exists in tension with regret

what is the purpose
of a life without meaning

empty shells with no being inside

it's not that
nobody cares
at the surface level

it's that
nobody cares
at a deeper level

there was not something to worry about
in the first place

there needs to be a space in your life
free of urgency

freedom from urgency
is the structural freedom
to do the important

everyone's always doing the right thing
from one's own perspective
one's own perspective changing
is the only thing that's ever going to recalibrate
the things that one is doing

important not to conflate structural situations with individuals, including oneself

less about secrets
more about deconstructing assumptions

for a meaningful life
"is this a good use of my time?"
is both necessary and sufficient

literally seriously
what you choose to make it

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