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sometimes you gotta run a weird-ass life for its own sake,
and figure out how to monetize that
rather than trying to get permission
the other way around

where disincentive to improve is due to
harm to one being a feature, not a bug, to another

although maybe really it's more like
all systems are flawed
every system needs continual improvement
or deprecation if it's systemically unable to improve

fixed cycles per day
infinite pit of institutional problems

the end of a flawed system
is inherent in
a consequence of
the structural flaws
in its beginnings

too easy to bargain away
that which you don't realize you need

everybody wants a place to feel at home
(physically, socially, ...)

the process of watching the facts
and drawing your own rough conclusions
hard to be systematic
sometimes useful to be pragmatic over systematic

space travel is existence proof of what humans can achieve if we work together instead of screwing each other for a minute

regardless of your aspirations,
whatever has the right to interrupt your time, energy or attention
has the implicit highest priority in your life

everything has a stochastic maintenance cost
which explains "everything you own owns you"
with the added explanation of unexpected overwhelming trash fires

for any given question
who (inside you) is asking,
and why?

what thing do you think having that answer
will bring
to solve what problem
you perceive yourself to have
to get what thing
you think will give you what?

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