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Since this is basically an extended introduction of myself, I'll link it on Mastodon, and pin it. I can also edit it in the future, unlike introduction posts (though I can still remake those).

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Hey! Been here for a week, but without an introduction. I'm a 20 year old from Europe with an American sleep schedule (I attend evening school). I speak Hungarian and English. I've also learnt German for a few years in high school, but I mostly forgot everything. ;o My hobbies include watching motorsports (, ), video editing and I sometimes make music! I'm also interested in open source tools. The Fediverse seems nice so far! (1/2)

Matrix room for Android stuff
Fuck the r/android Discord, they can go fuck themselves

Oooo they announced a new Super Monkey Ball. 👀 Mostly a remaster of the first 2 games, but still something.
I'll probably still buy Rolled Out! if it goes on sale.

Quote of the day:

"Why pay £10 for Windows when you can buy 12 packs of Tesco doughnuts?" - My brother 2021

hu pol 

Hungary sucks
thank you for your understanding

When you race to complete a game before you wet yourself


hu pol, protest 

Next to the Hungarian parliament, rn

"anti-vaxxers, fuck you!" - linus torvalds, probably


Them: "I get all my vaccine information from TikTok, Telegram and YouTube."

Me: "I get it from the Linux Kernel Mailing List."


My favorite form of getting distracted by things is when I go on the Internet to post about getting distracted by things and thus get more distracted by things.

hu pol 

LGBTQIA+ content would be forbidden for anyone under 18.....

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hu pol 

Hell yea Hungarian gov, new great law proposition!

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honestly not a fan of people who nostalgize for the soviet union enough to put up its symbols at home, it's just a big red flag for me

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