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“There is no more grateful and sincere audience than children.”

#Animation Obsessive wrote about a piece of #Hungarian animation that is just super adorbs and I almost forgot about and now I def want to rewatch.


Hiii I'm duc! Am currently testing out misskey, and my profile wouldn't feel complete without an intro. I'm 21, go by they/he pronouns (though this part might not be permanent). I like watching some motorsports (mainly F1 ​:f1_toto_mad2:​ and Indy), I also play racing games sometimes (Trackmania, for example). I'm somewhat interested in making music - more in the writing part of it than using a DAW. TV Shows I've enjoyed recently are The Owl House, Russian Doll and am currently rewatching The Boys, because season 3 already has episodes out. When it comes to music, I enjoy some forms of punk rock (Green Day, Billy Talent), some music from musicals (The Prom) and some other kinds of songs depending on my mood. Recently I got kind of hooked on urbanist youtube videos by the likes of Not Just Bikes, in general, I enjoy watching shorter essays (10-20 mins is short in today's landscape tbh).

Mentally not the healthiest, I also
might be neurodivergent, tho I don't have any form of diagnosis. I most certainly have depression though, with diagnosis.

Politically I consider myself to be an anti-authoritarian leftist, don't have a proper label for it. Capitalism sucks, and the state as well.

Also, I am located in Hungary, but planning to leave at some point.
#introductions #introduction

oh by the way, do you remember when i said that i am going to make a page for "explaining" how mfm works? i made it but forgot about posting the link i think

Apparently these aren't as well known as I assumed they were, so here is some tech that I think would make a good #web0 . (like #web3 but more actual #decentralization and less bullshit)


#Spritely (and #OCAP in general)

#Yggdrasil (could cooperate with NDN)


Invest in these instead of NFTs.

Singer of band Silverstein has just called Budapest most underrated city of Europe

Homophobia, fearmongering? 

So I see warnings about "pridefall" in some discord servers I'm in, but is there _any_ actuality here? From a message: "occuring on ALL social media platforms, including Discord. People will try to send friend requests, there will be IP grabbers, hackers, and doxxers. During this time, do not accept any friend requests or DMs from people you don't know."
Is this a thing? I don't even think they can do anything just by sending a discord friend request and you accepting?

@Dee and moses minted NFTs of every pair of animal there was and put them on his hardware wallet

a bunch of programming language package managers can pull libraries off the internet, but none of them can fetch you programming socks 😞

@controlfreak Honestly, there's nothing quite as badass as just walking out of a shop onto the street, seeing tanks roll down the road towards you, as they assume you'll get out the way, and just being SO FUCKING SICK of this bullshit you just straight up square up to the line of tanks, stop them moving and basically go "FUCKIN COME ON THEN, RUN ME OVER. GO AHEAD. I DARE YOU."

I just... Regardless of any other context, that's just fuckin badass and DESERVES respect, no matter who you are.

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