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Since this is basically an extended introduction of myself, I'll link it on Mastodon, and pin it. I can also edit it in the future, unlike introduction posts (though I can still remake those).

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Hey! Been here for a week, but without an introduction. I'm a 20 year old from Europe with an American sleep schedule (I attend evening school). I speak Hungarian and English. I've also learnt German for a few years in high school, but I mostly forgot everything. ;o My hobbies include watching motorsports (, ), video editing and I sometimes make music! I'm also interested in open source tools. The Fediverse seems nice so far! (1/2)

Centaurworld S01 SPOILERS (pt. 3) 

Once again, it'd be cool to have that as the canon truth and not make her out to be a twist villain. I think it's an important message to put in a mainly kids' show that it's not always the best to stay in a relationship - sometimes it's healthier to leave and let go of what you had.
Buuuut if it turns out she was the main reason the Nowhere King turned this bad, the message might be lost and the song will be a lot less powerful imo. 3/3

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Centaurworld S01 SPOILERS (pt. 2) 

So, for this part, I just hope they don't make The Woman out as a big bad guy, and she stays in the morally grey area, as I think her character is quite interesting.
After the above happens, The Woman breaks into a song, where she sings about how "Passages cannot stay open forevermore, Sometimes the only way forward is closing the door". And knowing she had some kinda connection with The Nowhere King, this reads like a song about exiting toxic relationships. 2/

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Centaurworld S01 SPOILERS (pt. 1) 

For context of what I'll say, there's this character we don't know the name of ('The Woman'), and she supposedly had a past connection with the Nowhere King (big bad at the end of season 1). The main character, Horse, gets stuck in the dimensional portal, where the Nowhere King already was locked, and The Woman has a song about how they shouldn't reopen the portal, as the Nowhere King could get out. But the friends of Horse insist on opening it. 1/


Watched Centaurworld's first season a few days ago, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I do have to say there was one episode where I was really surprised they'd put that part it in a show whose target audience is kids (that does not make much sense without context, but I don't wanna spoil too much, so). Still, I did have fun watching it and look forward to whatever is up next.

"To prove you aren't a robot, perform this tedious repetitive task without questioning or complaining."

propriatery stuff 

I was trying to figure out for a while why Spotify wouldn't show my local files, and it doesn't seem to support wav or flac??? wow

Schmigadoon! (2020) 

Watched Schmigadoon! a few days ago. It was honestly fun, even if some parts felt a bit rushed plot-wise... I'm not that big on musicals, so I probably missed a bunch of references, however, the songs were great. It's not something to watch seriously, but it's still a good watch imo.
I'd like to add that that's kinda all I have to say about it, cause the plot/characters were not very complex lol.

This is my crowning achievement in Xonotic. Nothing will beat this.

This took far far too long to do. Please be proud of me.

Basic Movement Techniques | How To Xonotic

New video on the basic movement in Xonotic. Ever wondered why everyone jumps all the time? Want to know how we go nyoom? Don't want to watch 5 hours of XDF Academy? Well, this one might help.


Send "hi cutie~" to a bottom to get valid parameters for your tar command

Okay time to be invisible for the next 364 days again, fellow bisexuals (unless some of you have other visibility days)

finally, an alternative to all these startups

a shutdown

Work, but not work 

Being unemployed, one thing I've noticed is that I still kinda follow what day it is and the fact that it's Monday/Tuesday stresses me out, while it being Friday is relaxing. I mean, people I live with do work, so that certainly has an impact, but I still think it's more leftover stress from school/work.

I should've have brought some grass home with me from the park so I could touch grass at any time
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