I've seen quite a few movies about aliens invading the Earth, but not so many about humans invading planets of aliens (the 1 movie I did see with this premise was Starship Troopers). Out of curiosity, can anyone recommend me movies that fit the latter? /time to make my watchlist even longer/

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yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of the release of Party Rock Anthem and upon learning that I immediately turned to dust

@cherubiks “I’m a black greek guy and I can personally say that black Hades did nothing for me, my life only changed a little bit and it was for the worse. Everything is so much better under white Hades though. I feel respected — which I never do when black greek gods are involved.”

Stereotypes in Phineas and Ferb 

Ayy, a blog post about Phineas and Ferb! And also, about how it is unfortunately stereotypial. blog.hajduc.com/posts/phineas-

@Dee I once tried to register a Reddit account through tor, and I got stuck on captchas for like 15 minutes

@Dee we can't, the copyright holders wouldn't want that

long message 

I mean, I can message myself, that's great. Now I can talk to someone as dumb as me.
As a sidenote, I have considered setting up Mastodon on my server, but the server is using Apache, and it seems way easier to install Mastodon on nginx. And I kinda enjoy finding people on the local timeline. :s

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Now I technically have a fedi server, except that it's in alpha and doesn't work that well.

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wooow tested out NextCloud, and turns out they have a Fedi app :o

Since this is basically an extended introduction of myself, I'll link it on Mastodon, and pin it. I can also edit it in the future, unlike introduction posts (though I can still remake those).

re: pre-scheduled what a week 

@Dee I wonder if you can ping yourself in pre-scheduled what a weeks. :o
I mean, at least you'll see it on your timeline, which is cool.

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