on the rare occasions we go on holiday, we take the rabbits with us, in case we have a quick idea and make a strip on the road

this paris trip we couldn't think of anything but we brought back a souvenir...

here's another personal favourite of mine, mostly due to how it reuses the original Harebert and Haremann as children (the now grown-up) Harebert has to babysit...

one of my favourite characters is Beaverley, who is a ... beaver preoccupied with woodworking, and as this strip proves, we're not averse to a bad pun either

(also note the miniature moog theremini, love it)

remember all those panicked gdpr emails every company was sending, begging for permission from you to be spammed more?

this is the level at which real-world events are allowed to seep into the comic

(also note how Haremann is knitting; doing strips where stuff is in the process of being made is extra hard)

this was a weird but strangely comforting dream sequence we made a long time ago, no words, just two crocheted rabbits amidst a lot of colourful, hand-dyed yarn

This really happened. And when I say really happened, I mean we really had a session once that played out like this.

Since we won't have much content for some time, I might as well post some random photos from the "bits&bobs" folder

First up: Harebert reading the story of the Ents to his giant carrot


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