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Allow me to bless your timeline with my dog. His name is Bob and he likes sausages, chasing pheasants, and scritches on the bits he can't reach.

Come on rain, you know you want to ...

Too hot to think. My office is a furnace. Dave's Syndrome is imminent.

My home office is officially too hot to be in. So I'm giving up work until later on. If you need me I'll be lying on the sofa, complaining.

OK, I've been at my desk since 6am and it is now so hot in my office that I actually feel light-headed. So, sod this. I'm going to do what the Spanish do and take a siesta.

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I treat social media as an invitation to a conversation, for the most part. Everything I post, I am content to have a response to. Sometimes I don't have time to respond to responses, or the conversation I'm looking for is deeper or lighter than what I get, so it's not as if everything *must* turn into an amazing thread. But it can.

Other people treat social media as a kind of journal for what occupies them. They want to express frustration or joy into the void. Responses are not desired.

Bobdog appears to have burnt the pad of his paw on something. I'm really careful about pavements this time of year but I wonder if he trod on a bit of hot glass or metal or something while we were out in the woods? Poor little guy.

I see we're at the "GCSE Film Studies coursework" stage of the Tory leadership contest already. Honestly, I swear it comes around sooner every year.

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Remember folks, it's not over until someone has done the "infamy, infamy" joke from Carry On Cleo.

The thing is, you know, the actual thing is, it is absolutely and completely possible to get totally hammered, like utterly _steaming_ drunk, without sexually assaulting anyone.

It's the day before quarter end and the time recording and billing system has gone down. Again.

Today's drafting music is the wonderful Eye of Melian, whose album Legends of Light dropped onto my doormat this morning.

A row on the Ouse, ice cream from Latchett's Dairy, and now a nap. Proper Sunday.

Wifey got a lecture from the vet about giving Karen Dreamies. Apparently they're like us eating donuts.

So, Karen is going on a diet.

Karen will no doubt have some feedback on this news.

ntopng into InfluxDB into Grafana. Quite pleased with it as a first attempt.

Retro people, I'm looking to sell my fairly sizeable collection; original hardware, original games, peripherals. Is there a reputable dealer / shop who might be interested in it as a job lot? Some fairly rare things, full inventory available. Grateful for boosts.

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