me in highschool: nerds are people too

me now: everyone should literally flush nerds heads down the toilet. eat swirly, dweeb.

created an ai that generates images of butts using images drawn by the talented mothcub

i am very mature

i kick ball consistently: very bad what the fuck
i kick ball very bad at start of game but get better over time: FUCK YES GOD IM GOING TO KISS THE GOALIE

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i kick ball: horrendous, awful, what the fuck
i kick ball with character i made: fUCK YEAH HELL YEAH GO SPORTS

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sports games = bad
sports rpg games = very very good

any questions?

covid related but positive 

all the hell aside, uk population is currently 6.79% vaccinated. government fuckery aside, that is a fuck load of people that are protected. hell yeah!

body weirdness got me feeling like the people in the "be faithful" music video

me getting 3 likes on a toot: oh fuck this really blew up huh?

something has happened to my brain where i will respond to literally anything with "hell yeah" regardless of the magnitude of the thing

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