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I literally have a mental illness that makes me watch at least one Markiplier video a year

sunny boosted if anyone wants to join four and i's art server you're more than welcome to!

I literally think the only men I'm attracted to are himbos

Every cishet girl I talk to will show me their bf and be like he's cute and I'll look at them and think huh ?? I don't get it but I'm glad ur happy and i just smile n nod

Like I'm attracted to everyone but men irl and the only men i feel attraction towards aren't real people they're characters JSNDJDJFNF

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Also conflicted if I'm a lesbian or not again...... I only like men in theory and I usually fall for girls or non-binary people... Hmm....

oh yeah I left mcdonalds bc I'm more disabled than I originally thought and I gotta get x-rays and go to physical therapy

It sucks I won't be able to smoke weed for almost two weeks but also idgaf I get to see my partner and hold and just experience them

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For some reason the George Floyd petition still has not reached it's signature goal. Sign it here:

Remember to not donate at the end of the petition, since proceeds go to Change rather than effort for Floyd. Instead, you can donate to his family with these links (both have been funded):

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Iyanna Dior is a black trans woman who was recently (6/1/20) beaten by a group of men on camera in Minneapolis. More information on the story can be found here:

And you can donate to her via cashapp at $NajaBabiie

fuck equius all my homies hate equius

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Bitches will cancel Jenna Marbles then be like "😍 omg!! she turned into a toothbrush"

Whoever interacts w my last toot is getting blocked 💕

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