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I made nico and four watch a date with markiplier with me

When I get my first paycheck I'm gonna put some money aside for donations

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Current Events (you know the one) 

Stop using Pro-Cop language.

Black Lives Matter, ACAB.

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I'm not depressed or anything I just don't wanna be alive for work yknow

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I wish there was a way I could get hypnotized into sleep living and could only become conscious again when I wanted to be

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having a fat ass is a tactical advantage

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nico just went off on an incredibly loud and entirely unintelligble tirade because i called her small and when i asked what the hell she said she went "oh well first i said u r so small i could eat u for breakfast" and i lost it

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sloppy and rushed edit but now we have a boost version of this

There's 5 babies the other one is Mort

The names of the babies are Alex, Marty, Gloria, and King Julian

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