i would love to own a by @Fairphone ... also for my customizations. thing is i cant afford it rn to just replace my OnePlus Nord. but the fixable design and LTS is just awesome

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Speaking of K-9 Mail, if you're interested in the Beta but do NOT want to use the Google Play store, just visit the GitHub repo and sideload the APK! github.com/thundernest/k-9/rel

by "send to you" i meant, "send to your mailserver"

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So sad, that you still need to support TLS 1/1.1 and even plaintext for the worst case in 2022 to ensure you receive all e-mails send to you -__-

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@alextofanel @Cedara @fdroidorg Just like K-9 Mail, Thunderbird Android will absolutely be maintained on F-Droid.

i managed to finally remove the page indicator line on lawnchair. now i can use my multi page klwps without annoyance again. 🥳🎉🎊

I decided to finally switch my blog from hugo to ghost. good decision so far. its much cleaner now and I can post from phone. its also way more responsive than I thought.

thinking about switching my blog to ghost. its powered by Hugo atm but i would cleary write more if i could do that on my phone more easily.

Today I also themed the two icons below the keyboard (the hide arrow and the keyboard switcher). Usually I'm using the immersive gestures module to hide that space under the keyboard, but themed it isn't that ugly no more and kinda usable xD.

People often ask me how i theme my android apps. It's pretty simple to answer: 95% of my theming is covered through the substratum lite theme engine. Once you find out how to create substratum themes it's kinda straight forward and can be used to theme most apps (not all!)

aaand back to Lineage. The problems i had got solved. Also KLWP now works again with the AOSP version, as I dont have native gapps support. Tho i'm using microG for push and Aurora Store as a PlayStore alternative.

Okay i went back to OOS 11 ... the customs just dont perform well. Now i try to debloat as much as i can and lets see the tracking footprint of the system

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The US... so stupid. Still so many thinking that fighting guns with guns is better than just restrict having guns. They too stupid to understand that you dont need a gun to defend yourself if there arent guns arround anymore ..

My banking app now included an own keyboard. nice feature to be sure nothing account related could get logged

it's still sad how much tracking is included in apps. the majority wouldnt need any tracking at all.

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