What's up. Haven't posted in 184 days. Here's my spaceship

all my homies hate the shackles of physical existence

I'm taking beginner piano and let me tell you I can absolutely shred this freaking song

Disappointed by PIL is my friendship theme song :(

On the topic of smoking, in the middle of a psychotic episode I smoked some glitter mixed with insence and some kind of dried purple flower (actual flower not weed) and since I believed so strongly that I was a master drug inventor my brain tricked me into actually getting pretty high. or something.

I smoke real weed like dandelions and shit

I couldn't listen to the whole thing! It doesn't have that quality that a similar artist like tangerine dream has for example... that uniqueness, and emotional essence, that quality that grabs you and keeps you listening. I am going to have to watch out for lack of these qualities in my own music.

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New age terence mckenna type shit im thinking. About to listen.

alchemy is all about whipping a pot of piss into gold

will my electromagnetic frequencies prevent me from ever finding love?

[RPT] Pluto in Enhanced Color: apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap210801.… by @nasa, @jhuapl, @swri pic.twitter.com/vzSSVtAwnq twitter.com/apod/status/142185

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