What's up. Haven't posted in 184 days. Here's my spaceship

I'm taking beginner piano and let me tell you I can absolutely shred this freaking song

New age terence mckenna type shit im thinking. About to listen.

This is the back of my jacket. The leopards are from a shirt for a sushi shop we printed at my old screenwriting job.

Tiny star studs for my
jacket :) I will post a picture when it's completed. They are from studsandspikes.com

This inspiring and realistic book helped me through times of suffering and was the catalyst for my realization that it is absolutely essential for people with the most stigmatized mental disorders (such as schizophrenia) to share their stories if they decide to. Personal stories can save lives and lead to further understanding and subsequently empathy from those who have never experienced a stigmatized mental illness.


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