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This is the back of my jacket. The leopards are from a shirt for a sushi shop we printed at my old screenwriting job.

occult, lewd, cursed 

so i thought Degadiel, the angel of blowjobs was a brain-frying mindfuck idea, but there's always a step further... there's Viagrahel, the angel of Viagra... 😅 😂

Look to the skies in April. You’ll find Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon at dawn, and the “Belt of Venus” forming an arch with Earth's shadow at sunset. The constellation Leo is easy to find high overhead at night. At least two of its stars have exoplanets!

The seemingly weird things that schizophrenics do are normal human reactions to abnormal (and sometimes scary) experiences.

The things people say about other people bother me more than the things people actually do. Mistakes I can understand, gossip as a form of entertainment, I cannot.

Normally I can only run for 20 minutes on a treadmill but if the album force majeure by tangerine dream is playing i can run the full 40 minutes like a giant laboratory mouse on speed

I will be studying physics when I go to college soon. I think physics is good for a wacky mind. Lots of paths to follow.

I had a flip phone for too long and now I don't understand social media culture anymore. Oh well.

If you stay awake long enough, you can dream while you are awake. Don't try it, you'll cause brain damage. I've done it(not purposefully) and it's very weird, like stepping from one world to the next. It is also way more vivid than daydreaming.

Tiny star studs for my
jacket :) I will post a picture when it's completed. They are from

You can have it all, just not all at the same time.

This inspiring and realistic book helped me through times of suffering and was the catalyst for my realization that it is absolutely essential for people with the most stigmatized mental disorders (such as schizophrenia) to share their stories if they decide to. Personal stories can save lives and lead to further understanding and subsequently empathy from those who have never experienced a stigmatized mental illness.

Alienation and indifference are the causes of suicide.

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